Radar ECM

The other day I was wondering what minerals ECM jammers were made from so I decided to find out. I used a character with high reprocessing skills and a station where the base reprocessing was 50% then I got a gloom enduring radar ecm and reprocessed it. To my surprise I found it was made entirely from salt.


Wow, another salt joke. Very original.

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I enjoyed it :slight_smile:

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And if you reprocess an ECM module and a Damp module at the same time you get cancer cells, you’re welcome.

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I don’t do cancer jokes it’s a kind of meaningless adjective



Why do ECM pilots also love flying the Gnosis?
It also takes 0 skills to fly.


Depends whether you want to be any good at it or you just view ECM as something that takes no skills.

I would say that the similarity ends with it being something that an FC might commonly tell new players to use because he can’t be bothered to spend time thinking about what to do with them. It does take skills, you don’t start the game with ECM trained.

Bonus with ECM : Guristas will like your style, and if you throw your armor plated ECM rainbow Scorpion in a gang fight, you’ll hear the sounds of dozens of souls screaming in agony/rage at the sight of the ECM icon on their HUD.

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Suitonia usually has plenty to say about it in local, not sure why he has come up with it requires no skills, that is a new one.

He has no skill to talk about using ECM cause he got jammed out of it.

(last time I post here I promise)

I was expecting a lot more condemnation of ECM and rants about how it is unbalanced seems it was all a storm in a tea cup.

Sorry we let you down, I already stolen your content and acted as if it was my own if it makes you feel better

Identity theft could be unwise, I have lots of in game enemies but feel free to make them yours.

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Does exactly what it says on the tin.


Having enemies just means I stood for something.
I take pride in having enemies. Sebs pride.

I enjoy killing ECM ships and I enjoy using ECM to kill ships. When you see a fleet of 5 ships and one ECM ship that is still 6 ships people seem to think it should be 5 that they have to fight and they should be able to just discount that other ship that isn’t a combat ship.

you’re thinking of damps

Ecm isn’t all that bad ecm being bad is just a meme

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