Enforcer Buff is not strong enough

Farlido Tekitsu 07/04/2021

So i just tried 5 ways to fit an Enforcer for PVP, and hate them all, - “Nano Recon”, as in alternative to Huginn+Lach, at least it has a bit of dps, needs triple skirm bifrost to be at least not super-■■■■, Huginn or Lach is better for cheaper.

“Expensive cloaky caracal”, less ehp than an actual caracal, nearly same apply, same dps, needs Ghetto Snakes (130M) to get same speed, Caracal is better for cheaper.

“Expensive Tengu”, way less ehp than a Tengu, dps is way better on a Tengu, XLASB fit, Tengu is better for cheaper.

“maxdeepsforer”, aprox. same fit as Expensive tengu except pyro, mix between blaster and HAM, no cloak, no neut dps is a bit closer to Tengu, but everything else is ■■■■, Tengu is better for cheaper.

“Cyno”, if you close your eyes on the price, it might look like a good option because of the bonus to scram, disrupt and web range.

i feel bad that such a good looking ship is that bad

Imgur: The magic of the Internet - pyfa of the fits, pyfa was updated to test server enforcer.

From " Farlido Tekitsu

Jus de Patate#0190"

The basic, breakdown of he enforcer is, due to how ccp controls how many are on market, they are expensive, about double the price of all other force recon ships, however they perform worse, than, all other T2 force recon ships.

This ship should not be stuck, or relegated to, hahah fast cyno. this is a thematic police enforcement vessel, it should be able to hold its own, and be balanced against, other T2 recon ships, to be able to stand a chance against them, and be a good PVP ship, not just a teleport beacon.

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IMHO… The SARO ships are meme ships. And they cost a lot of money.

I fully realize that you’re talking about the enforcer but lets talk about the pacifier for a moment.

Post-buff… the pacifier will toe to toe with any Astero. With equally skilled pilots it’ll come down to who makes the first mistake. This is freaking awesome. BUT…

Pacifier Fit: 700mil
Astero Fit: 250mil

The Astero still remains the best ship in the game. It’s a drone boat which gives it a lot more options than the pacifier, it has much more flexibility and at nearly 1/3rd the cost. The pacifier isn’t punching up but the Astero can work outside it’s class to a much greater degree… Astero better ship for less money.

SARO ships are tough to fit and require top skills to be effective. At the end of the day, anything else in the same class is probably a better option.

SARO ships are meme ships and no set of buffs will ever make it worth the cost to the budget minded.

All that said… baby steps in the right direction are AWESOME!!! I’m excited and anxious!


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