ENJIN Coin / Crypto currencies


Have you been looking at blockchain technologies. E.g. https://enjincoin.io/

Monetizing in game assets and the like. Not sure if it is on your radar but may be worth a look.

Yes they’ve looked at blockchain technology.

Not that blockchain is inherently anything to do with currency. Thinking it is means there’s a fundamental misunderstanding of what the technology actually does.

(The whole ‘cryptocurrency’ thing is, quite frankly, a bubble; propped up by people who don’t actually understand what’s going on.)


So basically a scam.

Enjin is tied to minecraft stuffs. Which is basically pointless in eve.

Steve, you need to do a lot more research.

And to make the real point, only found them today, read these guys whitepaper:

It’s Eve in essence but instead of our isk it is a cryptocurrency that is openly tradable for real currency.

Belief if all that holds up the USD or any other currency so that argument is aside from the point and too big for this forum.

It is very funny that the isk doubler eve scam is rampant in the Crypto space too though :sweat_smile:

Bots, ISK farms, and RMT’ers are why this will never happen in EVE…

as well as state laws that state any business can’t refuse US legal tender…

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Sure. Get left behind. I tried.

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