Ennur VI and the poison that spreads

Official Announcement from the Founder of Vherotek United, Knight Guard Fury

It has been some time since I have come back into the fold of things since the events of Skarkon. As I am making my presence once again known and publicly taking actions, I have this announcement to make.

The Molden Heath region is once again being needlessly harmed by the likes of criminals and underground organizations that only seek to further their own goals at the cost of those around them. The Seykal and Krullefor are becoming a serious problem to the well-being of the region and the angel cartel certainly are not of any help with their war against joint organizations, which is costing the lives of innocent people.

As of this moment, Vherotek United will be offering Aid to the people of Ennur VI: all the while deploying in full force against both Angel Cartel and the joint organizations that are Seykal clan and Krullefor. We have relocated a large supply of gear, vehicles, and personnel within the region and are ready to engage against the criminal organizations while also considering the lives of the local populations that do not need to be involved in any of this violence.

Communications with the Military Governor on Ennur VI are currently in the works and once we get into conversations we will be requesting that those affected by the ongoing war between seykal and krullefor be moved to either one of the designated safe zones or sent to our mobile command centers that will be in orbit of Ennur VI, away from all the conflict and under the protection of Vherotek.

I fully believe that unless you’re sending a message, then other people just shouldn’t simply be involved in a conflict between groups. The people of Vherotek United, both baseliners, capsuleers, and warclones alike, have years of experience and under my leadership, I can personally guarantee that we will give our very best to offer our support to the inhabitants of Molden Heath, my fellow people. No longer shall I watch this poison harm the republic any longer.

While we are deploying to protect Ennur and wage war against well known Pirate groups we will also be acquiring natural gases and other useful resources we deem necessary for VTeKU’s industrial sector. The recent changes to the blueprints of many ships, this will be a good opportunity to acquire materials we didn’t otherwise have beforehand.

  • Warclone, Knight Guard Fury
    • Founder of Vherotek United
      • Covert R&D Sect. of the Round Table

I can’t stop laughing.

Man, you “anti-pirate” and “anti-crime” guys are always such a trip.

Oh so noble, you’re going to “help” the people of Ennur while you just so happen to help yourselves. Sounds very familiar to me. I’ve definitely heard this story before. I might even have been there when it played out before.

This goin’ to be another round of capsuleers and warclones with a history of working with Cartel, Amarr and the bleedin’ Trigs converging on a Matari planet and working against Matari interests?

We gonna see slaver capsuleers and triangle-brained warclones turn up to “help out” here too?

Y’know, I’m not going to pretend to be something I’m not. Me? I’m in it for the cash and side benefits. If the contracts suit the interests of tribes and clans, I’ll take that as a bonus.

I’m not going shout out that I’m some big hero merc in it to help the little people. I don’t like the Amarr, Cartel and the actual Trigs, but damn me, at least they don’t spread the bull around like you lot do.

Oh aye, they got a story, everyone does, but between polishing your armor and polishing your shafts just how much do you “knights” actually get done when you’re not grabbing what you can, eh? I gotta say, I don’t think it amounts to more than a pile of dried out fedo droppings.



Seykal Clan


Now why are you bringing your breakfast into this?


I’m not as inclined to be working with any ppirate or amarr aligned groups, I’m not Galm, no offense to him. I might not hate them as much as your group, but i am no where near what others are willing to do with other… less than reputable groups out of convenience. while, yes, aqcuiring resources from other pirates or mercs. while helping out others could be seen a certain way to people, I’m more than sure no one’s going to care what happens to supplies that were acquired by people like you, as im sure it was acquired through a black market anyway.

And a side note, I raid Angel Cartel drug labs on a routine basis. I’m sure im just doing the local area a favor by doing so: it just so happens to benefit me as well.

Personally, I dont claim to be any type of hero. I’m simply for helping people that need it and taking out the trash when I see it. Im not asking for any ISK, not trading any favors, nor demanding anything outlandish. I also don’t like any of those mentioned groups, but i also certainly don’t like you, seykal, or krullefor. And yes, I do kill trigs, amarr, and cartel on a regular basis: adding another name to the list won’t make a difference to me.

As far as your concerned, I’ve done my fair share over my many years. I’ve Helped countless people across multiple systems in Molden Heath, Made mutual deals and contracts out in Great wildlands, and even, helped along quiet a few smaller clans and groups just trying to make a living. unlike you though, I don’t get innocent or uninvolved people mixed in with my business.

and besides, a portion of what I acquire goes back to the people that need it the most. I’m not solely into industry and research for just myself.

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Well, with your long history of working against Matari interests, you would be well-positioned to recognize it in others.


I’ve been studiously ignoring Ennur for quite a while now, but if you’re extending the invitation…?

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You are very difficult to hate, you know that?


And this is how you know you’re doing it wrong.




Ennur Status update and planning:

Vherotek United will be taking measures to have a secure footing in the system as to better prepare ourselves as things go on.

First thing on our list is taking over the designated Custom’s Office over Ennur VI. In doing this we will have an organized method of delivering materials, gear and resources planet side. This will also serve as a more trustworthy way of helping my fellow Kin and as a means to transport to and from the planet if they so choose too on Ennur VI.

second, we will establish a base of operations within a dead-space that we have scouted and plan on making ours. This will provide us a number of advantages that we will not disclose for a number of reasons. This gives us a centralized Base of operations to work from and provide us with a secure location to legitimately deploy from.

Once these objectives are secured, Vherotek will establish In-Orbit Mobile Deployable small structures. This will serve as a means to provide shelter to those affected by the war and as a way for our forces to swiftly land or planet side and receive additional supplies when needed.

As of now we are in the process of taking control of the Custom’s Office assigned to Ennur VI. While not fully deployed, VTEKU has deployed recon units and elite special operatives in key locations to [REDACTED] and [REDACTED] while the rest of the forces are setting up to move in.

This will be the first of more upcoming updates.


Good evening everyone,
I know it has been some time since the last update report but there is reason behind that. As things are progressing on Ennur VI I will keep this as brief as I can of the events that has split my attention from Ennur. Afterwards this will be followed by another Report.

While I initially had my sights set on helping Ennur, A Capsuleer Alliance called The Ivana Trade Federation, notoriously known for their Black Ops Dropping onto unsuspecting Victims began causing problems. The early phases of the deployment process into Ennur VI Had a few minor altercations involving pilots aligned with and in Ivana Trade, thus beginning the start of a series of events to ensue. As I had finished Logistics for my forces, one of their pilots had been cloaked in the area looking for targets and me being the nosy kind I gladly tempted said pilot in my vedmak to try to get him to uncloak on me, (keep in mind, I am responsible for destroying the customs office that was owned by them on Ennur VI) knowing full well I could easily escape from them before they acquired target lock. (This goes on for some time.)

Eventually I switched Ships and brought something less expensive but just as bait worthy, that being a gnosis, and just like that he took the bait and Lit a covert Cynosural Field, calling in 2 panthers, one from Ivana and the other from Snuffed Out. Although I knew I would lose the ship, the unexpected part was that they instantly blew up my pod as soon as it had been ejected. Normally that wouldn’t be a Problem, but unfortunately for me I had been in my special nomad clone, so understandably I had a little bit of frustration with the ordeal.

I than had to make it my Objective to Bother them to the extreme, so I attacked and reinforced their structures constantly in the region, even putting down a throwaway athanor to get their attention and ease the process of roaming around. As This continues and a week passes and a few minor sip losses go by, I had made aware to the attention of my fellow null sec corp. mates that they would be guaranteed a kill from these Ivana Capsuleers, and so we planned out a Black Ops drop of our own. When things came to it and I was acting as bait, just as expected they took it without a second thought. The thing that came next was an even better prize than a simple battle ship or 2, it was a carrier class Archon. At first there was hesitation from my CEO, but seconds later I had lit the covert Cynosural field and a dozen battleships and strategic cruisers jumped in to acquire the kill. Finest kill of the week if I had to say so myself.

Although they had been Quiet at first, I knew they had been angered by that loss and were determined to counter me in force as they were waiting for the final timer on the throwaway athanor I had set up. Although they had destroyed it, no one had given them the fight or escalation they wanted, and we got away with their Carrier. Rest assured though, in between then and now I have been making sure to re-assert my eyes back on Ennur as originally intended.

  • Yours Truly, KnightGuard Fury
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