Enriched Planetary interaction

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Planetary interaction (in addition to current interaction) could be enriched if not enhanced).
In order to support the (1) point , I would like to note that in the market, under “Trade Goods” - Passengers, you will see tradables, that could be used for circumstances that I listed below.

  1. Missions that are dedicated to Planets
  • unique resource search and extraction through industrial ships only. (slaves or researches could be required to deploy on the planet to acquire the goods, which means, there is a tradeoff for the resources)

  • military missions that require rescue of refuges, extermination of aliens and/or predators ))) can be anything in fact, human imagination has no limits, for this the marines could be handy. Depending on difficulty level it would lets say, provide percentage of success for the provided number of marines for a particular mission scenario. In other wards, higher the difficulty level, more marines or other staff would be required for successful completion of the mission. otherwise the resources would be wasted without outcome :slight_smile:

  • Planetary bombardment against some infestation or contaminated region. For that you will need a special type of ammunition that is used only for planetary bombardment. For the sake of little bit realism let it be available only to large ships, lets say the battleship class spaceships and higher, otherwise it doesn’t sound normal to bombard a planet with a frigate ))

  • emergency evacuation mission that would require big cargo hold, due to the large number of refugees… so you are paid if you manage to fly and save the people from doom. the moment you dock a station they will be removed from your cargo and you get automatic ISK reward.

Rewards could be for example, ISK and for a very long and difficult missions that require some real resource and time expense, pilots could be rewarded some skill points or research points… not in big amounts of course.

As a result, we got

  • more ways to interaction with planets
  • more fun and interest to interact with planets.
  • no overload on servers as the calculations are not going to be complex.
  • The game will have more PvE components for those who don’t like and avoid PvP upon possibility.
  1. More drones to command at a time and few tweaks:

-if drones are gonna die and you didn’t call them back, instead of just dying, let them have a protocol of self destruct by ramming the opponent ship :slight_smile: anyways they gonna be destroyed, so the destruction would be changed into ramming that would damage the enemy ship, and the animation can be visualized as a comet that hits the ship, so it can glow red with a red trail at a very fast speed.

  • Currently maximum number of drones is 5, why not increase it to 6-8

  • Before you begin to say that more drones means more calculus and it will overload servers during large conflicts, I remind you that large conflicts are already overloading the servers even with 5 drones at a time. bringing in 2-3 drones more per pilot won’t change much.

I would say if you got more drones thn the DPS is more, more dps means faster kills… faster kills means shorter conflict duration, therefore the server overheat duration is also decreasing theoretically. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your attention


Excellent idea

This should probably be in the player features & ideas section.

The problem with conventional PVE content is that it requires a lot of development effort to create something that is fun once. Once solved and documented - it’s basically farmed for rewards and it really doesn’t matter if the content is new or 10 years old. Most PVE content in Eve can be farmed by bots and a lot of people like it that way - there’s a reason the PVE career missions are called “cashflow for capsuleers”.

CCP is introducing more complexity with new PVE like Abyssal Deadspace. There are elements of procedural generation and localized effects - diverse environments where terrain matters. The new AI is more adaptive, responding to what the player does.

I would like to see PVE sites connected - perhaps sharing a common database for furniture, reinforcements and loot. There should also be some interdependence - what you do in your PVE site should have a chance to influence what happens in mine.

Adding complexity to existing content is probably not realistic but proposals for new PVE should consider the elements of complexity. Is the system being proposed diverse, connected, interdependent and adaptive?

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