Enter button disabled for updating orders

Has anyone else noticed that you can’t just hit the enter button after entering an updated price for an order? It just happened since yesterday.

Absolute load of crap if you ask me.

This just makes trading that much more satisfying. Because it’s very clear that CCP doesn’t like people making billions a week from inside a station and wants to make it as hard as possible.

Narrator: “They would not stop”

The good news is that I can still update orders just about as fast.

Just know that you will need to literally destroy the market and economy to stop station traders. So choose your path wisely.

Every year AI gets better at writing.


Update rolls out with a bug that, while irritating, does not break any game functionality and you jump right to CCP HATES STATION TRADING!

That sounds a little paranoid to me. Also, your bug was reported in known issues thread yesterday.

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