Entity's Collection Link

(Eternus8lux8lucis) #1

I was looking for a list of all of Entity’s ships. his old link from the old forums doesnt work anymore and wondering if anyone, or even the great collector himself, has a new one.

Mostly cuz of the gold magnate that died the other day and my old fart reminiscing in game about some of the other first rare ships.

Kinda curious about the really old ships and who has them these days.

(CCP Falcon) #2

I don’t think his website is still up and online right now, but hopefully it’ll make a comeback :smiley:

(Chribba) #3


(Caleb Ayrania) #4

Wonder if he appears if we ping him. :sunglasses: @entity or if that only works when he has posted/joined…

(Entity) #5

I don’t even know what the heck this is.

(Caleb Ayrania) #6

It’s the brand new forums. @Entity and now you show up in pings. Mission accomplished.

(Entity) #7

Provider axed the webspace they apparently couldn’t be bothered to provide anymore and told me to F myself and get a hosting plan.

The tool to generate the site content also broke down, annoyingly, so don’t count on it being back anytime soon.

Sorry :slight_smile:

(Eternus8lux8lucis) #8

Than you muchly for the link. Yeah was just sad to see the old ships starting to blow up in fires to people leaving. Still always remembered Entitys collection and started snooping around. I know on the old old forums there was a thread or two about who still had what. But I knew Entitys collection was likely the largest and best out there.

@Entity good to see you still kicking around mate.

(Tau Cabalander) #9

Google gives free web space via Google Drive.

(Ziza Azetica) #10

Do you get something in return if you provide items?