Entropic Disintegrators and Dreads

(Anderson Geten) #21

And disintegratord are hardly “tailored” for structure bashing.
They CAN do it, does not mean theyre are optimized for it.

A T1 frig can also bash structure with a much cheaper cost/DPS.
Guess why people don’t use that.

(Anderson Geten) #22

nope it’s not. The question is “are the trig more interesting than dreads at bashing”, not “what are the trigs good at”.

The only effect of salvos’ answer will be on the cost of the trigs, which in turn means more or less interesting to field those ships compared to the dreads.

(Beast of Revelations) #23

How are they not? The structure can’t move, which means it will be sitting there in optimal range.

The disintegrator is balanced against doing fantastic DPS at optimal range (doesn’t do any to targets outside of optimal), and after a ramp-up time. The structure will be sitting there at optimal, and the ramp-up will be negligible for a structure bash. All the drawbacks of the disintegrator don’t come into play at all. It’s just full bore DPS tailor-made for structure bashing.

(Salvos Rhoska) #24

Lol, OP himself said its legitimate, on-point and pertaining to subject.
Give it a rest, Anderson.

(Anderson Geten) #25

ANY weapon deals damage to a structure ; yet they are not tailored to structure bashing.
just because they are good at something does not mean they were designed for this thing.

They indeed are better in term of DPS than most other battleships. Doesn’t mean they will be worth fielding. Doesn’t mean they are better than dread.

Other people told you the point of view of salvos is bad. You should be used to it.

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@Salvos_Rhoska has been one of the only reasonable posters in this thread. The quality of posts has really gone down here - don’t know what happened or why. Maybe it’s the big Memorial Day holiday in the USA?

(Anderson Geten) #27

Maybe if you didn’t mix “agrees with me” and “on the point” you would have other answers.

You ask if trigs can “step in the role of dreads”, people tell you that DPS is not the only thing, and especially trig DPS is too low ; Salvos says “what other things are the trigs good at”, we tell him it’s got nothing to do with the question ; and now you say “actually it was my question”, then you complain about the quality of posts ?

(Starrakatt) #29

Rattlesnakes and Vindicators can both achieve almost as much DPS as a Trig BS 2500 dps. If these haven’t obsoleted Dreads, Trig BS won’t either.

Edit: And has it has been stated already, the Leshak will also be very, very expansive, for a long while, much more so than the Rattle and Vindie I mentioned earlier.

(Beast of Revelations) #30

Sounds strange. The drawback for Trig ships getting to have 2500 dps is that they have to pay for this crazy dps with a charge-up time, and any target must be in optimal range or there is no dps. So if other ships get to have the same dps too… why saddle the Trig ships with a drawback?

Also, Vindi needs ammo. I haven’t seen a 2500dps Rattlesnake, but I assume that includes torps or whatever which will also need ammo.

(Starrakatt) #31

2500 dps Vindies are kinda glass cannons, good with scouts around and you controlling the surrounding systems, keep in mind they are very short ranged, good to bash POCO in Hisec.

Rattlesnakes are more versatile as you can both tank them AND have very high dps. Not quite as much DPS as a point blank Vindie or soon-to-come Leshak, but still.

Keep in mind, the Trig ships are likely going to get a balance pass or two after a while.

And sure, Vindie and Rattle use ammunitions, as a Naglfar do and Revelation doesn’t, but I don’t believe that has anything to do with your OP isn’t it?

(Erethond) #32

Trig ships also need ammo, which can only be made from materials found in abyssal space. However, unlike torps which don’t apply well to small targets and large blasters which have a ridiculously small range, disintegrators have great tracking and a pretty decent range and a lot more utility highs (and large drones). So it’s more of a tradeoff between the high damage battleships.

(Nico Boru) #33

Vindi has large drones. Can field two geks and a Fed Navy Ogre.

2500dps with tank and gtfo option. With five Leshaks thats 12,500dps. I dont know dreads but thats a lot of ass coming down on the structure at once from just five ships. Then add the rest of the fleet.

(Anderson Geten) #34

a moros that costs 3B (insurance gets back 1.2B) goes to 14k DPS.

I’m not sure 5 leshaks will cost less than 1b8 after insurance.

(Fluffy Moe) #35

Don’t forget about the range difference. The disintegrators are really short range weapons on top of the spool up time, this will make their users in groups extra vulnreable to bubbles as well as bombs etc. simply because they will have to be more tightly together.

Now if a small group of trig Battleships encroaches or manages to take out caps, I’m all for it as long as its not a single battleship that would basically have the power of a cap. There has been a huge imablance and too large of a gap in this are between caps and sub-caps for a very long time. If we finally have some battleships that can take out caps, much like a group of frigs takes out a battleship, then it is a long overdue and a good step in the right direction.

If this turns out to be the case then I hope CCP steps it up and rebalances all battleships in such a manner. We need more of this sort of stuff in the game.

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