Epic account on linux


I just posted a write up for this in Pop_OS! & EVE Online

This is very interesting. I wonder if the EPIC launcher knows how to open the WINE containers concurrently or if it uses a different approach. Because WINE runs in a sandbox, the challenge is to run two copies ( one wiithout the eveonline:// uri, one with ) in the same WINE sandbox ( well ‘prefix’ ) so they ‘talk’ to each other.

I cover that in my post. If you are a windows user, you will see there is a an association in your browser between eveonline:// and the launcher/eve client, so technically firefox is involved.

Does not matter which browser, its all about getting that eveonline:// uri into the launcher via what would be a parameter

True, but you should not have to do this, as it means there are now two usernames and passwords that can be used to get into your account instead of one.