Linux Eve Port - Launcher and Steam

Hi all,

I’ve downloaded the experimental port of Eve for Linux. The launcher seems to run fine, but it doesn’t give me the option to logon from my Steam account. Is this an error or is it just not implemented in the Linux port yet?

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That makes sense. It’s a bit odd though as I had to create a file called steam_id.txt in the evelauncher folder with my Steam ID in that file in order for the launcher to launch. I guess I just assumed that it would pick up my Steam account from that.

Don’t play on Steam. Just download it off of the internet.

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Done, I also had to copy some files over from my Steam folder for Eve that weren’t downloading on the Linux client. It seems to work adequately enough, but I get some wierd artifacts, such a blank squares that flicker in and out. It hasn’t affected gameplay very much but it does subtract from the immersion a bit. Perhaps a better video card might help, but it might be a consequence of using the “WINE is not a Windows Emulator.” :grin:

You can probably get rid of the black squares by setting Post Processing to off. (worked for me)

Thanks, I’ll try that. Unfortunately, after the most recent update and dist upgrade on my system (Debian Testing) there’s now a bad reference in the libGL suite when I try run the launcher. So I may have to downgrade my libGL libraries first.

Before I make that system-wide change, is there an updated version of this launcher available to run on Linux or is it technically considered abandoned? I can only find a link to this build evelauncher-1104891.tar.gz.


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