Epic Arc list in new Agency?

When I open the Agency Epic Arc list, I can’t tell which Epic Arc is or isn’t available to run.

I can see the date of completion listed in small print at the bottom of each Epic Arc box but there’s gotta be an easier way to see if an Epic Arc is available besides counting 90 days off the calendar.

Maybe it’s an easy thing to miss or maybe it’s just a settings issue. I’d like to quickly view which of the 7 Epic Arc’s is available without doing a bunch of math or wasting time traveling to / speaking to their starting agents.

Would greatly appreciate insight on this issue.

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Talk to the agent. “You can take a covfe break in the station X Y Z” => covfe break is not epic arc.
“Do you want to reset your progression so that we can start a new romance altogether, involving pirates, deception, dolls and a lots of masochism?” => good to go.

Well that was literally unhelpful and completely useless.

I already know what the various Agent replies mean, I asked if there’s a way to see which of the 7 Epic Arc’s is available within the Agency list.

That was an answer to your question. Yes you can

Keep your hate for yourself, I solely answered your question the way it was made.

Keep your hate to yourself and stop abusing the flag function, you didn’t bother to completely read the OP and you definitely didn’t answer the question.

If there’s no way to do that then the answer is a simple no.


Please clean up this thread and put the topic back on track again.

Is there a way to quickly view in the Agency list which of the 7 Epic Arc’s is available without doing a bunch of math / counting down 90 days or wasting time by traveling to / speaking to their starting agents?

Unfortunately the the answer is no. The Epic arc list in the agency is incomplete and requires a redesign.

There are two fundamental requirements missing. First, A complete list of all agents that can access each epic arc. Second an anniversary or countdown timer of when the arc was last completed or when the arc can be run again.

Speaking of the Agency, we still cannot search for story line agents by corporation in the agent find. Need to go to the interwebs for that.


Thank you very much for a very direct and informative answer to my question.

The points you brought up definitely need to be addressed by CCP asap.

Discovered today that Story Line agent can now be searched for as a category in the agent finder in the Agency. Scratch one missing item. Thank you CCP.

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