Epic arc right to rule problem looting mission item

I’m finishing the Right to Rule arc for the first time and encountered a problem with the “A Human Body” mission. I shot the lab first and, 3-4 shots later from my Confessor, it was down. Only problem was, it didn’t drop anything. The enemy rats spawned while I shot it, and only dropped normal loot. A mod was able to reset the mission and it worked the second time, being more careful to damage it, then kill each wave that spawned (I had to scale back to Aurora to do little enough damage to make sure I didn’t skip hull hp like I did last time). Has anyone had a similar problem? It sounds like if the structure had more hp it would be harder to mess up, but I’m wondering if this is a recurring thing.

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@DeMichael_Crimson might be able to help. He’s the GOAT when it comes to missions.

Epic arcs being buggy is indeed a recurring thing.

We only got “New hacking” for the epic arcs 5 years after new hacking replaced old hacking in data/relic sites.

The Minmatar arc I find is chronic for not spawning containers needed to trigger mission completions, but all the arcs do it sometimes. Objective items don’t drop, or killing triggers don’t actually trigger anything.

The good news is that GM’s will reset missions in the Epic Arcs, unlike COSMOS which based on a recent interaction with a GM are literally abandoned content - GM’s will no longer intervene in COSMOS mission chains even to fix mission-breaking bugs.

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While I appreciate the GOAT reference, it’s been a couple years now since I last did any Epic Arc missions.

As for the mission, basically just need to damage the Advanced Amarr Research Lab until it drops the mission objective - Primordial Biomass - loot it and return to Agent.

That’s really unfortunate, re: COSMOS sites. I didn’t realize that’s where storyline items came from, and those have a very real use case, despite being obnoxiously expensive.

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