Epic Games Store and PLEX


Im looking for any help at the moment and may be anyone else suffered from this problem.
So, what’s the point?
I bought some PLEX from EPIC games store and did not get them on my account.

Every previous purshase was shipped to account, connected to EGS in a few minutes. Now i am waiting around 24 hours and nothing happend.

EGS Support says that they see my transaction and everything went OK, but can not provide any futher information about EVE account.

Also i created ticket into EVE Support, but alos - there is no new information.

Due to EGS rules i can not have chargeback, so all i have - wasted money and no PLEX.

Support request ID - 2185445

P.S. The only way to buy PLEX in my country is EGS due to theirs payment provider xsolla. I can not buy PLEX from EVE Store

Support is the only way to resolve this type of issue. See contact options here: https://support.eveonline.com/hc/en-us/articles/360011834800-Contacting-Support

Hi! Already created ticket, status is still “Opened”
Will wait…

Hey, CCP! I have more money! I can give it to you, if you need) But, please, hire some 1-line support team! Payment issue, waiting more than 24 hours is incredible! Highest grade support!

I think, that this is real issue. We lost Support team)

Topic can be closed. My bank and payment provider approved chargeback.