Epithal - badly designed?

I usually used a triple WCS, tanked Epithal to collect a couple hundred million ISK worth of PI when I was in null. I allowed for the occasional loss in my plans (not that any loss happened).

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3 warp core stabs against 1 point and 1 scram (so 3 pts) is what I usually fit. Learn the mwd cloak trick and avoid nullsec (bubbles). Also don’t collect while known pirates are in system. Or do. It’s up to you how much risk you want to take.

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The biggest problem of Epithal is the name. Please change it, because if anyone see ‘Epithal’ on D-Scan, he camps the POCO and no MWD/Cloak trick will save you at the moment you lands at the POCO…
I suggest CCP will make Epithal to be visible on D-Scan with some random name. That name will change itself every week. I think it can start with ‘ZIRNITRA’, for example. No one will be interested in tracking that ugly ship and get it on his killboard (0 ships killed atm).

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That makes that ship a nice cheap bait… yum…

When I say ‘sufficient’ I mean 3 or 4 stabs.*

As I said, I can fit 3 or 4 stabs, a cloak + MWD, hyperspatials and some shield tank on my Epithal.

3 stabs would allow me to get away from someone with point + scram fit. Double scram or point + faction scram would still get me, but you’re never completely safe.

You could fit a 4th warp core stab, but I feel like that addition will allow you to survive only some very specific situations, so I usually equip something there to make me align faster. Up to you really.

To come back to ‘sufficient safety’, you’re never 100% safe in EVE. Even with all 4 lows fit with warp stabs you’ll get caught by infinipoint from a Hictors or bubbles from Dictors, multiple scrams from bombers and whatnot.

Its a perfectly adequate little ship for all it costs and what it does, it doesn’t need buffs.

Add racial variants of the Gallente haulers to the other factions, and not just Minnies bloody ammo wagon!

You’re not forced.


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