Equinox will finally kill small groups

I watched devstream today.
And what to say…

Powerblocks will get even more power and small/midsize groups become a poor squotters begging for food and shelter.

While we already have space cut in half between PanFam and Imperium. This new thing will enforce a major claim restructuring. If any current small groups claim over valueable space - they will be pushed out for PB’s good. Metenox is absolute economic weapon for PB dominance. They put it on EVERY moon and just defend them if necessary. No need to train mining ships, sit for hours on cracked rocks.

Poor get poorer, rich get richer.
RIP :skull_and_crossbones: small groups and newcomers.


No it won’t.

I was thinking the opposite.

These changes are going to make holding large amounts of space harder. More spacework and more opportunities of disruption may make it less feasible for blocs to hold as many regions as they do today, which creates a bigger opportunity for small groups to claim their own parts of space.

But it all depends on the implementation.

Let’s see how it works out.


As i understand - only thing CCP will enforce everyone to replace is new IHUB and even so - they said there will be grace priod till november to replace it. You really think such big and wealthy groups like PanFam and Goons couldnt do that? Skyhook is only needed for new resources and barely metenox is expensive like tatara. Only limit is the fuel.
Core point is - now star system itself have a different quality depend on what star type and planets in it.
As devs literally said on steam - current Capitals could turn into garbage.
Now imagine if most comfortable systems pop-up on a some smalll group territories.
And metenox is still very very juicy reason to kick anyone from the grid to take their moons.
Currently you need people with a ships and time to mine a moon. Thats why PB’s dont try to get EVERYTHING.
With metenox this barrier gone.

I haven’t studied up on this particular change, so I won’t comment on that. But broadly-speaking, in-game and in real-life, powerblocks assert their dominance, take what they want to take, and do what they want to do, and weaker entities suffer what they must (I’m not defending it, in-game or real-life, just explaining it).

I do think CCP could do more to help smaller groups and expand their gameplay. Like, make wormholes more achievable for smaller groups and add quality of life to that. Examples (maybe good, maybe bad) - add the ability to clone/reclone inside wormholes, and set your home clone to there, add ships, structures, or modules to either hold a hole open, or conversely close it more easily, add more mechanics to make it easier or better for smaller groups to live in wormholes, and if necessary make wormholes less desirable for big nullsec entities, add more numbers of wormholes so there is less competition for small gangs to get one, allow semi-permanently connecting wormholes together with some structure built at or around the wormhole to “hold it open” so your small wormhole corp can expand and “conquer new space.”

Just a few ideas off the top of the head.

So…basicly nothing will change into the right direction(away from the powerblocks)?

Well this is what is called CSM lobbying. The big blocks decide what ccp does via csm and only crumbles remain for the small…

This is the case for decades and ccp does nothing against it…they just state ‘csm wants this’ ‘we do this for the players’.

What they don’t say here is that csm is dominated by the null blobs and does not speak for the majority of the players at all…but seeing this would be unconviniend for ccp right? So they don’t even try to change it…

In real life we cant expand our space x2/x5/10x/etc. times to create more free ones.
In EVE CCP could do that with few click, expanding space whatever X time they want.
But instead CCP welded the boiler full of water and put it on fire.

Dont need to be genius to realize how it will end.

Yep, passive income like this is, well, total b*** s***.

the rich get richer… or should we say the well connected to CCP get richer. Always nullsec that gets easy resources and ISK.

Meanwhile, CCP facilitates those same entities to passively own all the HighSec POCOs as well.

Just raid them…they can’t defend everything all at once and their supers can only reach so far.


Once again ill mention it. The drills ARE CRAP compared to doing it yourself. Plus you also have to defend

How crappy it is? Just becuase if you have hundreds or even thousands of moons, you physically cant mine them for 100%, and here you get everything without a move.
It’s better even with 30% of manual yield. And i dont think CCP make it less than 50%.

Each one also needs Ice and Lava planets with Skyhooks to power them.


These new resources can be moved between systems and even traded if necessary. It’s not a problem at all.

You can only have a certain amount of reagents depending on how many ice and lava planets you control, meaning that there might not have enough to place unlimited amount of moon drills.

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You know someones gotta dust off the pitchforks.

What else is new?

It’s just a game. Nothing to get all worked up about.

Selling officer tier Pitchforks below Jita market price!



And again - Powerblock have a LOOOT of space. Which is clealry a win-win state.
Now imagine small groups which have only few systems with gas giants and desert planets.

“Equinox will finally kill small groups”

See you in highsec! o/

I do not think so. It does not make steamrolling smaller groups any easier or fun.

Those who rent will still rent, I have no doubts. Maybe they can / should negotiate reduced rent if their slumlords decide to put up their passive moon mining drills.

The changes will give a massive headache to those who manage all sov aspects, that’s for certain. They now have to deal with organizing the plumbing and the powerlines, inventorize the systems and find a healthy balance between passive income and income for their membership, while not overexposing themselves via the new Metenox structures.

If there is one thing clear from the last stream, it’s the need for active presence in or nearby the system. Again, that need will also depend on the willingness of groups to attack and annoy or claim. Maintaining skyhooks delivering the energy that keeps ihubs powered up, that’s what it’s about. It may actually make renter space shrink…

Manifestly uninformed :roll_eyes:

Imperium and blues like Init. and Dracarys. make better use of their systems, which are overwhelmingly confined to one single region per alliance. The other guys … not so much !
Can you spot the slumlords ?

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