Error 500

I have been getting a constant error 500 when the site tries to verify the I am human. It mainly happens when I go into manage saved cards for payments I can make purchases but if I try to go into the manage saved cards section. That’s when it happens

I’ve sent a couple support tickets. I think I got one reply. With some suggestions and I tried them but it’s still happening I don’t know what to do.

I am getting the same issue when i try and buy omega time, it just keeps doing a cloud flare error 500. my omega time ran out today too so i cant really play anymore

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NES Store 3 Hours ago

Now NES store loading but packs are not adding Omega even after the items from the packs are redeemable/

Omega also not updating in account info website.

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Also getting this error and have raised a ticket but my time has run out and currently in a ship that i cant fly without omega so not sure what would happen if i even logged in…

same here both the upgrade omega and buy plex page from the site is returning error 500

Was this ever addressed? Only I’ve been trying to activate Omega sub today via the main website and its just constantly returning Error 500. Last post was 13 days ago, so assume you all either found a work around or gave up.

Still no work around. CCP really doesn’t want money I guess.

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