Error in Templar I BPO for upcoming indy changes?

Downloaded .csv’s for upcoming indy changes (ty fuzzysteve, you do great work :slight_smile: ) and noticed an ‘inconsistency’:-
IndustryActivityMaterials - TypeID 23056 - Templar I - Isogen reqs. - 6?

I downloaded sheet again just now to double check it wasn’t an old sheet or that it had been corrected since i first d/l them and it’s still the same.

All the other T1 Light Fighters will require 6000 Isogen when the changes go live according to the sheet CCP put out initially and all the other Light Fighters in the I.A.M. csv match, only the Templar 1 differs.

Can anyone else confirm this and, if so, can someone at CCP look into it?

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