Error with authenticator signing into singularity

I keep getting the error: Login failed possible reasons can be verification code mismatch. I have removed my account from my google authenticator and re-added it but it is still not working. How can I log into singularity without removing my authenticator from my account?

Adding on to it, I have 2 accounts and both have authenticators hooked up but this is the only account that registers it on singularity. My other account sends me a code to my e-mail to use for singularity even though it also has an authenticator hooked up.

Top right of launcher, click the menu (looks like three horizontal lines) select “Server List”, then click play on singularity. You can log in from there and it won’t ask you for 2FA. This will only work for Singularity, not TQ, luckily.

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I will give that a try, thank you!

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