Singularity login problem


I know the root of this problem but need a Grand Master Keyboard Warrior on the CCP side to fix it.

A few months ago I got a new mobile phone.
I use Google Authenticator (GA) for dual authentication on everything.
I forgot to move all my accounts from the old phone GA to the new phone GA before wiping the old phone.
I went to log into TQ and surprise no GA access.
I got the great folks at TQ support to wipe the old GA and I set up the new one. ++

I forgot that SISI also uses the same login protection… so I can’t log in to SISI now.
My old GA credentials are associated with my account on SISI.
How do I get someone to wipe my Dual authentication off of SISI so I can set up the new GA to access it.

(yeah I know dumb mistake… but you aint the half of it… my crypto accounts use the old GA too… oops)

If someone could offer me a path to resolution I would be very appreciative.

Thank you
And Merry Christmas.


Simply click on the server list in the launcher menu and then select "Play on Singularity.
Log in there and you should be able to log in.
This bypass of the 2FA does only work on Sisi

I didn’t initially see your graphic… doh. That seems to work. Thank you very much!


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