Escalations market

It would be an amazing feature if escalations market would be added. Currently players trade escalations going to destination system, bookmarking escalations and then giving access to the folder to person who bought escalation. This method is very insecure and is based on mutual trust (it is very easy to scam someone).
Escalation market would allow for secure escalation trading between players. It would automaticly remove escalation from seller and transfer it to buyer (possibly despawning old one and generating new one, with exacly same time left in same system to avoid bookmarking escalation before selling it by original owner).

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  • This would create an undesirable market in which players are farming escalations for sale instead of other players engaging in PVE content as they’re supposed to. If the PVE sucks, CCP needs to improve the PVE, not create markets where only the “best” PVE is sold
  • Escalations do not merit a bookmark market any more or less than any other kind of bookmark which might be bought or sold
  • Escalations bookmarks that are sold might already be completed, so this doesn’t address that fact
  • Most people don’t actually care to complete the escalations, they only care about the rewards, and those rewards can already be directly bought and sold on market
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To get that end product someone must run the sites. And you will be surprised how popular is combat exploration in most of types of space. Btw. Yes, people run escalations for income not for “running escalation” itself.
Also, escalation markets are already all over New Eden. They just are decentralized and limited to set groups of players. If any of your points would be valid. These markets wouldn’t exist

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