Esi/api ..?.... ?!?!

But again, the issue is that nobody is going to trust you giving them a copypaste of the information they asked for. They want ESI-access through the program/website they use and that they control. There is no way to feed or omit information from that.

You can make your own corporation that accepts that kind of information, but there is no way to force others to do the same.

well… if a pro player is gonna help a casual with sp skillque for example…

the trust thing is not an issue.

its not about “validation”… its about information

You can choose what you want from others, but you cannot force them to play by your rules.

If you want to help someone figure out their skills, you can have a program/website that asks for just that information and you can work from there.

If you want to join a corporation that requires full ESI-access, you can only get in by giving them access to everything.

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several people gave you here the correct answer, they were not agressive at all. You call them facist, trollers, and don’t believe them.
You should calm down and try to understand what they said
And you have to understand that, from the point of view of a recruiting corp, eve is full of stories of betraying, spies, etc. It is actually a part of what makes eve different from other mmos. So many directors will try to find evidences about that in your history. This is eve. You can find some corps which won’t ask you that. But stop insulting the people here who tried to help you



There’s no page to shange what privileges have been granted. If you’ve already granted privileges, all you can do is revoke the entire grant.

You could change the privileges requested, by editing the URL that sends you to the login page. Just editing it in the browser’s URL bar. It’s the list of scopes. You could take scopes out of that. When you continue the process, it would create a key with reduced privileges.

However, if you did this, it’s likely that any system they use will reject you, as things will fail.


Umm actually you can just be in your own zero-tax corp, so