ESS Explorer - Captiains Log

StarDate 2021,04,01/18:42
ESS Explorer

This is rather emabarrassing… againts my better judgment I traveled through a unstable wormhole in the Tunttaras system and ended up in a system with a rather large Sisters of EVE fleet. Starstrurck I may have forgotten to mark the entry point and warped to take a closer look at the Sisters fleet… I tried to retrace my steps in hope of finding a way back. There were a few anomalies that I could warp to ,yet all I managed to accomplish was losing my drone in flight and 85% of my hull integrity. Seems there are some (unknown to me) hostile ships in the area as well. As I was on my way to pick up a shipment of ammunition I am down to three salvos of my twin Electron Blaster. As it was a detour from my assignment I do not have a probe luncher equiped thus I am unable to scan the anomalies in search of the wormhole I entered through. The Sisters of Eve fleet does not respond to my hails thus it seems I am quite stranded. I took refuge amongst the silent Sisters and sent a distress call on all channels. There is over 1,4 mil ISK on my account and a shipment of 100 fireworks in my hold with which I hope to bargain for assistance. Do any of the venerable & sesoned pilots know of a way to escape this death trap or willing to risk a rescue opperation ? Time will tell.

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