ESS // Missions // NPC placement thoughts

Wanted to post some thoughts I have had whilst reading various suggestions listed recently


  1. ESS for Mission runners – Loot and salvage control and counter
  2. Mission distribution changes – Rework of mission system and options in Eveonline
  3. NPC Spawn mechanics – re working of NPC spawning and Distribution options

Mission runners Empire ESS.

Premise: allow for more control over who has access rights to Spatial Assets (HS/LS use only).
Solution: create a mobile deployable that creates an XXX-KM sphere of influence that sets all wrecks in the affected area to Owned by X. any interaction on an affected wreck will issue a suspect timer to the aggressing party.
Limits: if this structure is anchored then no other Mobile structure can be anchored. (mobile tractor, depo ect). If the structure is unanchored then all in space assets revert o the default setting after XX-seconds (session change timer)
Counter: 2 options here…

  1. A Drone that hacks the ESS and causes a Suspect flag. With a complete hack the ESS off lines and local spatial assets revert to normal status. The drone is 1 use and will explode after the hack (drone is medium to large and takes 15mb DBW)
  2. a structure that will anchor and issue with the ESS owner a warning. This will have a longer online time but will cause the ESS to set all wrecks Blue. This structure can be destroyed with no suspect timer for either party. (The structure can be RRd (no GCC)) the goal here is to control the field for the parties involved.

Mission distribution changes

Premise: to make space more dynamic and varied across different regions/constellations and add multiple viable options to mission runners & Corporations.
Solution: rip out and create a completely new mission system.
Create new Mission Agent Types.
Head hunters - burner mission agents (Limited to XXX offered a Day)
Naval offices – Offer mission that deal with foreign Naval incursions (Cald/Gal/Mini/Ammar) border region agents mostly (may offer High reward missions in opposing empire space)
Corporate Security Agents – Offer anti Pirate missions
Logistics Officers – Transport Agents (Hauling)
Procurement officers – Mining missions
PR Agents – offer missions to agents with negative standings (High Risk with Good standings reward for negative)

  1. Head Hunters will offer burner missions to the player. There will be a limited number of these that you can run. They could also offer Mission filaments for incursions in to Trig space
  2. Naval Officers would only exist close to Border Systems. They would offer Empire navy missions only. They could potentially offer a mission that would sent you across the border to complete an aggressive action. With appropriate risk/reward attached)
  3. Corporate Security Agents would allow the agent to fight primarily against the pirate and terrorist outfits of eve.
  4. Logistics officers would offer transport missions to the player. You could be asked to move people, goods, ores Ect (all provided by the NPC) they would also offer trade missions where you are required to source some items and deliver them to a buy order in XXX you would then be rewarded in addition to your sale of the Items to the buy order by the agent with a bonus
  5. Procurement officers would over mining missions exclusively. You might need to go to a site and mine a special ore or provide xxx M3 of an ore type to the agent within xxx time. All objectives would be achievable within the time limits but would reward team work and faster delivery times
  6. PA Agents would offer missions to the player that will boost negative standings for that corporation up to +/-0. The missions would be hard but rewarding

Some additions, a CEO could sign his corp up to a corporate sponsorship with an NPC faction. This would allow for better pay-outs when running missions for the corporation’s agents.
As there are already Ship skins for most of the corporations in game. These would be added as volatile (maybe) skins to the LP stores.

NPC Null: expand on NPC ownership (NPC NULL) to any region that is not currently or directly owned by the Main Pirate NPC factions. Each pirate faction then has Mission NPCs that match the ones listed above. (Much Higher pay-outs as missions would primarily be in Null). Adjust some Lowsec border constellations to be controlled by Pirate Factions with entry agents for mission runners.

NPC Spawn mechanics

Premise: to Add More dynamic NPC types across Space to interact with.
Solution: change all NPC spawn Mechanics across space. High Security and Empire Lowsec would remain mostly unchanged.

Lowsec: Pirate Lowsec (as suggested above) would spawn Empire faction NPCs in belts and ANOMS. Killing them would reward ISK paid by pirate factions and incur a standings hit (like Pirate factions currently do) the standing hit would be towards the Empire prefix of the rat not corporation (dose not lower security status)

NPC Null: Same as above but on a grander scale. This would fix a major immersion breaking inconsistency in the current system. Run missions for a Pirate faction whilst killing that vary faction in the belts and ANOMS around that system. All Pirate controlled NPC systems would have 1 station for that faction. (Limitations for Empire NPC stations included).

ANOMS in these regions: exploration signatures would remain unchanged however a set of ANOMS would be needed for each of the 4 empire factions for lowsec and NPC null player to run. They would follow the a similar naming format (maybe more military) and have the same spawn mechanics. Faction NPC spawns would drop stolen or confiscated Pirate mods (this would be to keep the current item market stable) so you kill an Amarr “true Zion” battleship and he would drop a Pirate Battle ship BPC appropriate to the region of space he was killed in.

Thoughts, changes additions?

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