EU Player looking for relaxed and social HS Corp

Hi folks,

As the title says I’m an EU based player looking for a relaxing corp to socialize and have fun in. Doesn’t have to be a huge corp, in fact a small bunch of friendly individuals would be ideal!

Have two pilots with the pretty standard setup of one indy and one combat focused, both sitting at ca. 100mil SP.

Having returned from a long break, old corporation has gone missing, hence the post!

Would be ideal to remain in Amarr space, although not object to moving if necessary. Normally I run L4’s, DED sites and manufacture on the side. Happy to learn the joys of PVP for a laugh and happy to help out and pass on my very limited knowledge where necessary!

Appreciate the offer of null and WH’s are out there, but currently don’t have the time to commit fully to make them a worthwhile experience.

If you have any questions please feel free to reply here or mail in game!


Hey man,

despite the fact we do not operate in HS (strictly speaking) we sound like a great fit for what you have described. Maybe give us a convo to see what you think?

FAYN Industries

Hey Blitz Apollo,

I went a head and sent you an in game eve mail detailing everything for you.

Have a great rest of your day,

Hello Blitz Apollo

I started a corporation about 6 weeks ago called: Academy of the Unseen Arts we are small but growing day by day. I started this corp to be more like a family unit where we grow together and help each other. I am currently doing Incursions with Warp to me to make Isk and also using some of the isk I make to join the (NPSI) Not Purple Shoot It fleets in New Eden to get the PVP aspect of the game as well. NPSI are people like Spectre Fleet and Bombers bar. I do also have PVP experince flying with The Bastards. Alliance and also Tuskers and will take out PVP corp fleets once we get enough people wanting to do this sort of thing. We have a bunch of pilots with Level 4 Agents.

Doing this allows us to make isk and enjoy PVP but in no way do you need to do any PVE or any PVP if you do not want to. Think of us a your online space family where you can do what you want within a social environment.

My corporation will be more about the people in it being there for each other to help guide and grow the younger pilots but also have fun together.

I am in the UK and so is most of the corp so will be online in that time zone most nights but not all. Real Life comes first with me due to family and you would never have to feel like you need to be on all the time.

My corp will never join an Alliance in Null sec so be assured that you will not have to move to there in 1 month like so many other corporations that start out. I do not like null and so will not be going there other than to kill them. :wink:

We only use discord for outside chats and also fleet comms.

Our HQ is in Amarr so not moving far if at all. We currently running level 4’s, DED sites, Abyssal Frigate fleets and some of us do the Incursions as stated above.

I hope you give us a look.
Eric Shang

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