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I’ve just returned to eve after being absent for a longer time. I am looking for a nice corp, for grouping and doing something together out there. I am based in central europe and my gaming time starts around 20:00 CET/CEST. Both german and/or english speaking corps would be fine for me. I would describe myself as a casual player, however if there is some action required, I could also be a little more committed + I am a reliable person in general. Currently I am in gallente space located but would for sure also relocate as required. I don’t have a that good standing with Amarr (-0.87) and Caldari (-1.02) but if required I would work on that to improve it by running pve missions accordingly. I’d also be willing to adjust my skill trainings towards a direction that helps in achieving certain corporation goals.

I’d love to do following things:

  • Incursions (no experience though)
  • WH activities (past experience when I was with twilight labs)
  • Fleet mining
  • Fleet mission running
  • Joint efforts in production / research of all kinds… (not much experience)
  • …?

PvP is probably not so much my thing, but I would give it a try with having a good mentoring. I am specialized in flying gallente ships and I am also into role-playing.

Ganking and other forms of rude and / or nasty gaming is definitly not the thing I want.

I’d prefer to be in a grown-up corp what I mean by that is, no childish chatting, sexism, massive cursing all the time and so on.

I would be very happy to get some replies!


hello i would like to sit down and talk to you bout what you want from a corp and what i have to offer. please message me at IGN Lord Balis

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Hey man I think you’ll find we have a lot of the things you are looking for. As I read your list of wants and needs each reminded me of our corp and its goals and mentality. We offer a chilled laid back group of people to spend you time with, some of whom are German, allowing you to enjoy your time flying through out New Eden. I know you said PVP is something you would only try if there was someone to teach you how to do so and I am happy to say that is also something we can offer. We have fleet pings going out almost 24/7 with a large chunk of them being in the EU timezone. We are a null sec corp. Regardless of whether you want to be a f1 monkey or part of a specialized group blowing up Rorquals deep in enemy space we are the group for you. We also understand how drama is one of the worst parts of life in New Eden so we do are best to stay as far away from it as possible. Whether its mining, ratting or something else we encourage all we look for are active and productive members willing to contribute and we believe you are most likely to do so when you are enjoying the task you are setting out to complete. If interested feel free to join our public channel FREAS.Public or message me in game. I will also leave our forum post below so you can gather more info about us.

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o7 Nurias

I’ve sent you a mail ingame, but it looks like the Intaki Liberation Front offers a lot of what you’re looking for.

Take a look at our recruitment post, and see whether you think we might be a good fit.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Fly safe


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We are a group of like-minded pilots who enjoy doing many of the same things and more. We have access to great space and more knowledge, info and training assistance than you could shake a stick at. stop by and talk with us I’d bet we have alot we could offer you.


Hi Nurias,

Did send a ingame mail.

regards rupa


Hello Nurias,

I am myself thinking and planning to return to eve online (once again). I have been on a break for some time now because of a computer issue (still being looked at and trying to fix it)
I don’t know if i will start fresh again or once again resume and be the ceo of East Indian Trading Company (EITC) (that am very found of).

I recently started as well a gaming Community on discord last year that are ment for meture adults were our fokus lies on teamplaying stratergy games or mmo:s that require the two mentioned things.
I plan to suggest to those few members i have to join in on the fun eve online.

So what does this have to do with you?
I am trying to recruit new members towards my gaming community as well as the corporation i will be ceo of. Those things you have listed in this post are things i plan to run and do with the corporation. Plus more things as the corporation grows.

I know that i have written more about what i aim to do, or a part of it atleast. But writing it from my perspective might might give you some insight of what i am trying to do.
I would like to duscussion with you through my discord server so you could get more information about my idés for my gaming community as well for my return to eve online.
That way we can both can come to an understanding of what the other party wants and needs.

If you want to contact me and do as i suggested then send me an in-game mail (since i do not look here on the forums) and i will provide you with the discord server invite.


I immediately feel bad posting straight after Cyno Rupa, who I used to fly with back in the day of OF, because he is a great guy. /me waves…

However I’m also recruiting: Asset Safety Wrap - Late EU/US TZ - Social Corp Recruiting

You might want to consider us - we’re part of an up and coming aliance, we have wormholes, missions, our play time is definitely in your time zone. Give us a yell!


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