[EU/US] [HS & NS] Svalbard Nursery SVK: casual and mature community looking to expand our player base

We are Svalbard! Home of the dogs and cats and guides for your sweet sweet isk! Come join us and hang out!

Come visit Svalbard! If you’re new to EVE and would like to learn all there is to know, while getting helpful advice from a great community, and also enjoying some top-shelf pictures of kittens and puppies, this is the place for you!

Come visit Svalbard! A large and diverse community of players ready and eager to help you find your way in EVE!

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Come visit Svalbard! Great people are here, with a great community to help you get started in EVE!

Come visit Svalbard! The learning curve might seem very steep, but it’s easier when you have friends to help! Let our choice selection of kittens and puppies be your guides!

Come visit Svalbard! We’re friendly! Just ask our best friends, these kittens and puppies!

Come visit Svalbard! If EVE seems like it has a lot to learn, don’t be daunted! We’re here to help!

Come visit Svalbard! If you’re just starting EVE, or coming back and feeling a little rusty, there’s no better place to take your first steps!

Come visit Svalbard! If you are still celebrating the holidays because the side-effects haven’t worn off yet, this is just the place for you! We’ll help you work through those confusing sensations and awkward memories!

Come see Svalbard! We have cats, dogs, and guides for your journey. Come forge your path across the stars with us!

Come visit Svalbard! A great community with kittens and puppies! And some helpful people to

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Come visit Svalbard! This is a great place to get started, with friendly people to help you!

Come hang out with us in Svalbard! We are a friendly group that likes to hang out, there are many people to answer questions and help guide you on your way. See you soon!

Come visit Svalbard! Helpful tips with kittens and puppies! There’s no better way to learn!

Hang out in chat/voice, rat, mine, pvp, and join us in other fun shenanigans. Come checkout Svalbard!