[EU/US] [HS & NS] Svalbard Nursery SVK: casual and mature community looking to expand our player base

Come visit Svalbard! Learn important life lessons while making friends!

Come visit Svalbard! There are great people, kittens, and puppies just waiting to help you on your EVE journey!

Come visit Svalbard! If you’re feeling a bit confused by everything, don’t worry! We have friendly people to help you find your way!

Come visit Svalbard! A great community of people, here to help!

Come visit Svalbard! If you’re new to EVE, this is the place to get started on the right paw, er … foot!

(there are lots of guides with pictures of kittens and puppies to help you out!)

Come visit Svalbard! There’s a great community of active players who can help you figure out EVE, and also some charts with pictures of kittens and puppies! It’s dangerous to go alone, take one of those!