[EU/US] [HS & NS] Svalbard Nursery SVK: casual and mature community looking to expand our player base

Come find you home at Svalbard and learn along the way! I promise we don’t bite!

Visit Svalbard where you’ll find content in every Time zone and lots of friendly people!

Come visit Svalbard! We are here to help you in your new Adventure! (Promise we don’t bite :slight_smile: )

Come visit Svalbard! Friendly people, helpful tips, and the very best pictures of kittens and puppies! Start your EVE journey the right way, with us!

Svalbard is a great place to learn the game or even relearn the game :slight_smile: Come say hi and get to know us!

Svalbard is always open. Come around and ping a recruiter and talk to us! We’re here to answer all your questions

Come visit Svalbard and ask all your burning questions! We have experts on every subject here to help you on your path of greatness!

Come find your home at Svalbard and make friends like never before! We have cats and dogs to guide you on your journey

Come find your home at Svalbard and meet new residents people and learn about the greatest space MMO of all time!

Come visit Svalbard and find your new home!

Svalbard is a place for new people to veterans. Come find your home here!

People here are so helpful! it’s an awsome community!

We have so many guides to help you make isk and to help you understand the world of Eve. Come say hi!

that ISK tho :slight_smile: - Nullsek and hanging out with friends have made this game so much more enjoyable.

Ain’t gonna lie, this is the place to be :slight_smile:

Bonsoir tout le monde
Je présente je suis Adams kev je voulais des renseignements dans vôtre discord si vous plait Comme même je vous le passe mon discord sais. Adams Kev sais #4152 voix si mon speudo sur le discord si vous saviez des questions n’hésite pas sûr tout je vais pas vous mangez je ne suis pas un loup ou un lion

Après je demande si il y a des joueurs dans vôtre corporation et alliance en nul sec si vous plait Comme même donc voilà je vous souhaite une bonne soirée et à très bientôt quand-même et comme même si vous savez des joueurs français ou française

Bonjour, Adams,

Je suis désolé, mais notre corporation/alliance n’a pas de joueurs francophones.

D’accord jai une question à vous poser si vous vous Sète en nul sec ou autres sécurité pour le moment donc voilà sais pour sa voir juste comme ça

Hi there, are you guys still accepting new members? Not the most experienced as I’ve only played solo so far, looking to get involved in a corporation to learn the ropes. Played about 60 hours worth so I understand the basics.