[EU/US] [HS & NS] Svalbard Nursery SVK: casual and mature community looking to expand our player base

nous vivons entièrement en hisec. Notre société sœur, Akadeimia Keipouron SVK, vit en nullsec.

Hi Nazara! We sure are! Just visit our Discord, linked at the top, and we’ll get you sorted! And if you already have some experience behind you, you can graduate to our sister-corp, AKS, which lives in nullsec and does hardcore nonstop sexytimes out there all day long!

Svalbard is a great place to hang out and learn and relearn the game and yes we are looking for new bros to come join!

Come hangout with us in Svalbard! Mining, pve, pvp, explo, and abyssals, we have people doing all kinds of things and are always looking for more to join!

Come visit us and get a pet for free!

Looking for newbros willing to learn and veterans willing to teach!

Did you know you can ctrl-click a debuff (red symbol just above the capacitor) and target the defuffer right back?

and if you press or click your weapon first it will send a volley as soon as the target is locked.

Come visit Svalbard! If you’d like to learn more helpful tips like this, there’s no better place! The friendly team at Svalbard will just give you the knowledge you need to excel in the game, for free!

Come visit Svalbard! Excitement and adventure awaits! With pictures of kittens and puppies!

Can a newbie join? literally just a few days in :slight_smile:

Well yes ofc everyone can join no matter the level of experience!

Svalbard is perfect for new players! That’s they’re whole thing! They have guides, classes, friendly people to answer questions, and the very best pictures of kittens and puppies to help you learn!

Come visit Svalbard! This is a great place to get your start in EVE! They have pictures of kittens and puppies!

♬ Come fly with me, let’s fly, let’s fly away ♫

Come have a chat with us! :slight_smile:

Come visit Svalbard and find your new home!

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Svalbard is a great place to learn the game or even relearn the game :slight_smile: Come say hi and get to know us!

Come visit Svalbard! A great community with friendly people ready to help you start your EVE journey!

Come Visit Svalbard! Find a new home and guides to help you!

Oh nice! I saw a post from your corp on the Discord a few days ago and came back to look for it today and had a hard time finding it so glad I found this one! Are you guys still recruiting? I have tried EVE several times but never found a corp which would probably keep me more interested :slight_smile:

Hi Nerji!

Yes, we are always recruiting! Svalbard is made for people new to the game, and has a lot of helpful people around to show you the best time! EVE is much more fun with a group, so drop by and say hello!