[EU/US] [HS & NS] Svalbard Nursery SVK: casual and mature community looking to expand our player base

Hi, to answer your main question directly I think you might be a good fit for our little community. Many of our members are grow adults and some have also recently returned to the game after long periods of inactivity so we understand your situation.

We are also a very friendly community and we work hard to maintain a pleasant environment for our members and friends. I can tell you that we have some very good people in our ranks, not only veterans who can teach or help new players but also many people who I can call true friends without going overboard.

Going back to your questions, our campuses are into molden heat (high sec one) and immensea (null sec one).

Our most active TZ is the European one, until North American East Coast time we have consistent activity, later it is more sporadic. Being a casual community the number of players is quite variable, for example in nullsec between the two corporations (this one and the sister corp) there are usually about a dozen active players during the mentioned time zones, during the weekends or when there is some particular event there is more people online.

Regarding the programs we offer, we have our own buyback on both campuses, class-type fleets to teach different activities, welcome gifts for the nullsec campus (so all players have at least one ship for each activity that can be carried out on said campus) , a pvp incentive program for players who do not have experience in that area of ​​the game where we give away more ships (hulls and fitted), injectors and something else for meeting progressive goals of training and pvp itself, we are also launching a program of mentors and volunteers who help new members in such a way that they have a more personalized follow-up.

I hope I have answered all your questions. If you think that our community is what you are looking for, I invite you to join our discord server (our main means of communication) to continue this conversation and meet our members.

Recruitment open!

Looking for newbros willing to learn and veterans willing to teach!

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Looking for more space-friends!

Looking for new members or similar minded groups who want to work together!

Recruitment is always open!

New players are welcome! Join our discord by dming SushiTurtle#0009

Did u know we have some very young folks who act as they had the double of their age and laughs of our boomer jokes?. Come know them! We love them!

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Looking for more space friends!

We are recruiting new players!

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Making isk hearing Sabaton!

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Making isk random chatting in comms with friends!

Is not easy to beat Sabaton ngl, come see it with ur own eyes. Join the nursery today!

Recruitment open. Come say hello and get a free dog pic (cat pics available for those who loves them more)

Recruitment open!

Looking for new members. Our small community is growing every day!

We are recuiting! Come make isk with us!