[EU/US] Omnivores: Leftists in Anoikis (C4, 2/4)

Omnivores of Mediocrity is a newly reformed j-space group focusing on small-scale PVP and ganks, with some industry on the side. Our group has no mandatory ops and is newbean friendly. We’re happy to undock and take unfavorable fights; our piloting skills live up to our namesake!

Omnivores embraces leftist ideologies and progressive values, aiming to provide a safe space for leftists and queer players to enjoy warfare in EVE Online.

What Do We Offer?

  • Tight-Knit Community - We are committed to maintaining a small, close-knit community, emphasizing strong relationships and voluntary cooperation. As a leftist, LGBTQ+ friendly organization, we prioritize inclusivity and diversity. We have a zero-tolerance stance against bigotry and alt-right ideologies.
  • A Hunger for Blowing Stuff Up - Omnivores is primarily a small-scale PVP group. We facilitate j-space skirmishes and ganks in Anoikis, and we’ll seize lowsec/nullsec opportunities when they arise.
  • A Well-Connected Home with Standard Amenities - We reside in a Class 4 system with C2/C4 statics. Our infrastructure supports the entire T3C production cycle.
  • Communal Ships and Minimal Taxation - All profits made by the corp are reinvested into the organization. We offer communal ships for various activities: rolling, PI, ratting, and doctrine ships for PVP. We enforce a minimal tax rate of 2% on PI extractions and industry jobs. Loot gained from PVP is distributed among all participants.
  • Buyback and Hauling Services - We’ll buy your loot at 90% Jita price and help haul your belongings when you join the group.
  • Robust IT - We provide dedicated Pathfinder and SeAT instances to make our lives easier. Gone are the days of enduring community edition response times!

What Is Expected?

  • Participate! - We do not gauge activity and we do not enforce members to always be present on comms. However, if you do find yourself on a session in our chain, do try to engage! Communities are built on shared experiences :slight_smile:
  • Enthusiasm for Joining a Leftist, LGBTQ+ Organization - It should go without saying, but if you don’t align with our values, why are you even here?
  • Full ESI Access - While you’re part of the corp, full ESI access is required.

Reach Out & Apply:


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We’re building up a community slowly but surely! Come say hi :slight_smile:

Some very lovely folks have already joined our group. We’re trying to keep it on a small-to-medium basis, but we’re definitely still on the lookout for more members!

Come say hi! Maybe you’ll decide to stay :smiley:

Mo’ friends wanted!

Join us one, join us all

We like to pew!

We’re looking for more friendos :slight_smile:

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More friends needed!

Come shoot spaceships with us!

Happy to accommodate more friends through the weekend! Get in touch!

Come pew pew!

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Need more friendos!

i read Communal Ships… so is this corp communistic?

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I think calling our take on ship ownership communistic is a bit of a stretch, but we do operate under a collectivist philosophy. Spoils from PVP fund the running costs of our structures, and whatever remains is reinvested back into the group in the form of community-owned items: rollers, support/utility ships, consumables, etc. This is meant to alleviate some of the financial/logistical burden for items that can benefit group activities. Our personal hangars are our own, and everyone has their own ships and streams of income.

Happy to chat more over comms if you’re interested o7

The community grows, and you could be part of it!

yes, you
do you really wanna fly solo this weekend?

join us :slight_smile: