🏳️‍🌈 Be Nice Inc., a leftist LGBTQ+ PVP Wormhole Corp & Gayest Corp in J-Space

Good evening, comrades.

Be Nice Inc. is a leftist LGBTQ+ wormhole corp of cloaked commie spies ready to hurl our best fit rust buckets at anyone brave enough to click undock.

We live in a C4 with C3/C4 statics. You can krab in either if you want. The C3 is easy to krab and the C4 always has sites. I pinky promise a marauder makes C4s worth it. We mostly utilize these connections for PvP, 3/4 statics give us great connectivity to all areas of k-space as well as j-space with other similar corps in C4s and some nice outbound connections from the static.
We are a PVP focused group of commie revolutionary freaks! Capital is an unfortunate reality of New Eden, while we have some incentive programs to help keep your wallet topped up for insurgent action keeping yourself full of isk for ships is your own responsibility.

We have a zero tolerance policy for any sort of racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, or general fascist bootlicking behavior. We also aren’t going to debate common sense decency ■■■■ with people. Similarly, we aren’t interested in teaching people how to not suck so you gotta figure that one out beforehand. We are here to be fun and fancy free don’t mess it up!!

Speaking of PvP, we have a lovely lil PvP group here. Of course everything starts with dropping some probes but whatever content you’re into we’ve got support. A lot of times you’ll notice pings going out to form for potential skirmishes and ganks, but if you’re into finding a cozy kspace connect and bothering locals in a malediction and vedmak more power to ya. We’re here for vibes and explosions. My favorite passtime is losing cerbs to marauder gangs in null on “ess” (odd way to spell content) beacons.

We also have a great community with regular movie nights if hanging with friends when you’re too tired to click is up your alley. Recently, we added an NPSI channel and have some great fleets from Jita with our community as well.

Corp Programs

  • Ship Replacement Program We reimburse people for any ships lost in PVP fleets. The reimbursement is up to 200 mil for Battleships, Command Ships, and Logistics ships. Everything else is 100 mil. Feel free to game the system, if you aren’t fitting your interdictors so that they brush right up against that SRP limit then you really aren’t doing it right. I wanna see those shadow serpentis webs!
  • Incentives for Scouts Scouting is important for finding fights in wormhole space and we like to reward any scout who finds a gank with all PvP loot dropped by enemies during the fight. Scouts also receive an extra share from structure bashes and we pay out the top 3 scanners of the month.
  • BuyBack Program No need to haul your loot to a market yourself, you can sell anything to us at 90% Jita Buy price and let us worry about hauling it out.


  • Omega
  • 30m sp
  • Can fly at least one T3c with all subsystems at V
  • Cloaking IV
  • All Astrometrics skills to IV (or an alt with them to IV)
  • Prior PvP experience
  • Willing to hang out on comms while playing
    There is wiggle room on some of these requirements, even wigglier room if you join with a friend that meets all of them.

“What if I don’t meet the requirements?”
Reach out anyway. Even if you can’t join us yet, you can still come hang out in our Discord. We can also refer you to our newbie-friendly sister corp Chroma Corp. They have similar vibes but base in high-sec instead of wormhole space.

Past Videos
(new content otw my hard drive is full sry)

Zkill: Be Nice Inc. | Corporation | zKillboard

Contact: Paramount Leader & Head Recruiter: Yvette Bykov (Discord: moldy#0420)


I know what you’re thinking. It’s been a whole day already, are they still recruiting? Yes. Yes we are.



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Can confirm that we put chemicals in our structures, it turns the freaking drones gay


Bippity Boppity.


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Still here, still queer, still recruiting.

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Well hello there!

Well, I got a taste of wormhole life, but before I was able to really experience what it was like, my current corp leader went totally bananas.

We had a WH and I had finally gotten permissions to come play, however, my corp leader started getting really sketchy and doing really random things like kicking members for no reason. Eventually, we all came to find out that this guy and his alts were CEOs of all branches of the corporation. So he’s a big fat liar.

Needless to say… I’m a little miffed and now trying to figure out what’s next. I didn’t get a chance to try anything and a WH corp still sounds appealing since most of my activity has been in high sec.

Anyway, I love your MO. This is a really cool thing you are promoting.

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Guess what?

We’re still recruiting.

Can’t stop recruiting, won’t stop recruiting.

Come blow stuff up with us!

Hey there, i’m looking for a new home and really enjoy wh hunting, but have had trouble in the last little while with autz being dead, do you have any autz/late ustz crew?

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@Orca_Lemmont Thanks for the interest! I’ll send you a PM :).

We’re still recruiting!

Want to know what it’s like to fly with us? Watch this:


All timezones welcome!

Come be space gay and do space crimes with us.

Hi i’m Australian and also trans, played this game 5 years ago but was eventually driven away by the toxicity, now coronavirus lockdown has driven me back.

Found all the cool LGBTQ friendly corps were American or European timezone while all the Australian timezone corps were cishet Aussie lads, was tragic. So “All timezones welcome” is very appealing.

I have never done wormholes but I have nullsec and lowsec experience. My two alts on this account are a planetary industry alt and a commodity speculator Jita alt.

Molly - 16 mil SP
PI alt - 4 mil SP
Jita alt - 9 mil SP

I also have a second account which is currently alpha - one toon for ratting and one for freight. I doubt I’ll use that for awhile cos I don’t wanna play that account with alpha restrictions and don’t wanna sub two accounts right away.



Our alliance is pretty awesome too :).


Are we still recruiting? Why yes. Yes we are. :rainbow:


Hey you beautiful person, come blow up casual Vargurs with us. :rainbow:

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Still fed up with alt-right bs and still recruiting. :rainbow:

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