Be Nice Inc: Gayest Corp in Wormhole Space

Be Nice Inc. is a Queer C4 wormhole corp with a focus on small gang brawling and debauchery.

We live in a C4 with C2 and C5 statics. We’re a PvP focused group with many folks who like to scan and hunt for content in both jspace and kspace. Our culture and daily activity is based around hanging out with friends and searching for fights, be it quick skirmishes, ganks, or more organized longer engagements. Our doctrines facilitate small gang fights and emphasize utility, with a range of engagement profiles and ships to fly. Whatever you like to pilot, you’ll find a place in fleet here!

We have regular fleets with varying content, often ragerolling or roaming from the kspaces found in chain. The C5 is open for ratting both in solo marauders and fleets. PvP is always preferred in the case of rolling connections. These opportunities should give the enterprising capsuleer enough isk for plenty of PvP, the most important and fun part of EVE.

Be Nice was started in an effort to have a real rad queer-oriented community to hang out with in wormhole space and play EVE. This grew as folks brought their friends in, or wanted to keep hanging around after retiring from EVE. As a result, we have an active community outside of EVE with some really great people! We’d love to have you drop by!

We have a zero tolerance policy for any sort of queerphobia, transphobia or anything else, racism, or beliefs that generally facilitate oppression. We also aren’t going to debate common sense decency ■■■■ with people. Similarly, we aren’t interested in teaching people how to not do these things so you gotta figure that one out beforehand. We are here to be fun and fancy free don’t mess it up!! We find this to be pretty easy, and it really is.

Be Nice Benefits Package

Ship Replacement Program

We reimburse folks for PvP ships lost in fleets with at least one other corp member. It helps cover losses!

Incentives for Scouts

Scouting is a vital part of our corp! There is a monthly scanning leaderboard with reward payouts and scouts are rewarded with the loot on ganks.

BuyBack Program

We offer a buyback program to make sure folks don’t have to deal with the hassle of hauling themselves! We buy most things at 90% Jita buy.


• Omega

• 15m SP

• Can fly at least one T3C with all subsystems to V, Loki or Tengu with heavy missiles preferred

• Amarr battlecruiser or Leshak with T2 weapons systems preferred

• Cloaking IV, All Astrometrics skills to IV (or an alt with them to IV)

• Prior PvP experience

• Willing to come hang on comms <3


General Secretary of Gay Space, Head Recruiter, and Head Diplomat: Yvette Bykov (Discord:


Fly vividly o7

The corp so nice, I joined it twice!

I’ve played EVE on and off for over 10 years, and I’ve never felt more at home than in Be Nice. Could not recommend more highly!

Be Nice Inc is still recruiting!! Contact me on discord, to learn more and come hang!


Drop me a line in game or on discord @ !!

Be Nice inc is still recruiting! Reach out to me on discord,
See you in space!

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