🔴 [EU/USA] Mature No War High Sec PVE / Mining / Industry Corp with PvP sprinkled in. *Free BPO copying library, Invasion Content (both sides), mostly returning players (No ESI Req’d)

I would like to Join up. Last Corp nobody was really on. I like mining. I have 2 mining Barges and a few mining frigates. So please get back to me when you can. Thank You.

welcome aboard folks! happy to have you!


I’m kinda new in the game but i plan to mine and defend miners in the future.

Can someone invite me please?

Thanks for the invite guys

Returned to the game about a month ago after a 6 year hiatus. Looked around and found this corp and it looked great to me. Joined up and have NOT regretted it at all. Great bunch of people. Always something to do, but no pressure to do so. Very “newbro” friendly as well as great for a returning player such as myself that is not accustomed to all the new changes. If you are looking for a chill group of great people, with opportunity for Industry, mining, PvP, or any other in game activity, look no further. :slight_smile:

I just want to say Crushia is 100% correct when describing this corp. Although I have just recently joined the corp my corp mates have treated me like a long time member. Great people just looking for good team oriented fun. This corp is going places! The best choice I have made in my return to EVE so far is joining this group. Make Celestial Precision the home in EVE you deserve! Fun times!

Hi Guys. Like your style. Could I get an invite, please?

Good afternoon! Let’s talk about your future with us!