EUTZ pilot looking for a wormhole home

Hello folks.
I’m a returning player, having been most active during 2018-2022. I’ve taken a hiatus after nullsec shenanigans got a bit too heavy for me, and now EVE has lulled me back in!

This time however, I’m looking for a “smaller scale” environment, if that can be said. I’ve had some experience in wormholes before, on another character around 2017, and I’d love to come back to this area of space.

Only requirements would be a heavy EUTZ presence (big plus if it’s a french community but not required), to have folks to fly with during my waking hours. I’d provide a 96m SP character, focused of saving fleetmates’ bottom ; logibro btw !

Anyway, eager to hear more about you guys and see you in space.
Fly safe!

Hello Billy Sanchezo!

Welcome back to the vast universe of EVE! It’s always refreshing to see returning players with a renewed interest in the intriguing dynamics of wormhole space. At Cryptopia, J-space is where we thrive, and we’re always on the lookout for seasoned pilots like yourself to join our ranks.

Here’s what we can offer you:

  1. EUTZ Presence: At the moment, our strongest presence is during the EUTZ. This ensures that you’ll have a plethora of fellow pilots to collaborate with during your prime hours.
  2. UK Based Community: Our core group hails from the UK. So, while we might not share the beautiful language of French, we do promise an abundance of British humour and camaraderie.
  3. Logibros are Gold: Your prowess as a logi pilot is just what we treasure! In the unpredictable battles of wormholes, the role of logistics is often the thin line between triumph and a hasty exit.
  4. Intimate Scale, Greater Impact: We understand and value the essence of a close-knit community. In Cryptopia, every pilot is a pillar, ensuring that everyone has a voice and is never overshadowed.

Billy, if you’re set on immersing yourself in the mysteries of J-space and are seeking a dedicated crew to roam with during the EUTZ, Cryptopia might be your next space home. I’d be eager to discuss further, be it in our Discord at [CYPTA] Cryptopia or in-game chats.

Hoping to see you among the stars soon! Fly safe and may we encounter each other in the twisted realms of wormholes.

Serathi Geos
CEO, Cryptopia

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