Eve 2022 Fanfest Skins kinda suck

I normally love the CCP art department, but this years Eve Fanfest 2022 reward of the Three Kimotoro Eskeitan Commander skins are no where near the super high quality of say, the 2018 Eve Vegas All Star Casino Clash Skins.

Hopefully the digital artists get it together for the 20th Anniversary and create a spectacular ship skin, not just an average at best ship skin.

Your Thoughts?

If it doesn’t have fur and cats ears then it’s going to be a disappointment.

I like the Amarr ships, they don’t need any skin. But I want a purple and black skin for my Catalyst. Gallente hulls look bleak.

honestly Amarr ships (tech 2/navy variants need a Skin for the Basic Golden armada!!!)

I am just waiting on my 33% Skin

I feel like the entire 2022 fanfest was: “We are totally going to deliver amazing stuff by next fanfest, also next one in 18 months.”

Were these Attendee digital rewards or are those still coming soon?

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