EvE 3D Model Repository

I will be maintaining a repository of game models exported from Triexporter located here
–> GitHub - Kyle-Cerniglia/EvE-3D-Printing

I will keep it updated from time to time as models are modified and added.

If you want a specific model that I’m missing, please eve-mail me!

Galletem en Marland found resources on how to use the character models under Triexporter>graphics>character>

Update 3/3/21: Added the Jita tradehub (.obj), Procurer, Covetor, and Retriever.

Update 12/10/20: Updated the Dominix, Exequror, Incursus, Maulus, and Navitas

Update 7/9/20: Added the Skybreaker, Stormbringer, and Thunderchild Upwell Ships. Updated the Typhoon model. Re-repaired the Abaddon model.

Update 4/20/20: Added the new Avatar model.

Update 4/12/20: Added the Nergal and the Draugur.

Update 4/7/20: Updated the Apocalypse.

Update 12/15/19: Added the Ikitursa and the Zirnitra. Fixed the name of the Damavik.

Update 8/3/19: Added the new Badger, Tayra, and Bustard model. Added Crane.

Update 8/1/19: Added the new (2014) Tristan.

Update 6/29/19: Added the World Ship and other new Abyssal assets.

Update 12/17/18: Added the Rodiva, Zarmazd, and Etana.

Update 11/24/18: Added the Moracha.

Update 11/18/18: Added the new Upwell jumpbridge, cyno beacon, and cyno inhibitor. Added the new Osprey and Basilisk. Added the Kikimora and Drekavac. Added Triglavian towers 2 and 4. Added Triglavian generator 2 and 3. Added Triglavian driller S, L, and XL. Added customs office, orbital container, and orbital beacon. Added large warpgate. Repaired all remaining ships, fighters, drones, deployables and asteroids to make them 3D printer friendly.

Update 7/31/18: Added the Endurance and Prospect.

Update 7/26/18: Converted the SOE ships from .obj’s to .stl’s.

Update 6/9/18: Added the new Chimera, turrets and abyssal warpgate, tower, and generator.

Update 4/15/2018: Repaired Amarr and Caldari ships and fighters to make them 3D printer friendly. Added old Condor.

Update 4/13/2018: Added the SoCT Praxis battleship.

Update 4/7/2018: Added all T2 ships, and the Triglavian ships.

Update 2/25/2018: Added the Enforcer, Marshal, Athanor, and Tatara models.
New working granny.dll thanks to Nana SkaIski → Dropbox - granny2_2.11.8.0.rar - Simplify your life

Update 1/15/2018: Added a .obj copy of the Keepstar.

Update 1/10/2018: I added copies of the Citadels and Engineering complexes that I ran through Meshmixer using the smooth fill tool at 0.001mm and a repair tool. Removing some detail and making them solid to be more printer friendly.


Well, that will be useful, thanks!


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