EVE and CONCORDE change STOP change your rules

I wonder what makes concord even when it is 30 meters from a station where we are descended like a jackal by players search and safe at least 10 I lost my ship my cargo by the total negligence of CONCORDE
I ask that I be reimbursed the goods not the vessel because the insurance has taken care
I formulate this by total disregard of the ignorance of the rules of the players and that EVE or concorde makes no effort even at 3 meters from them
It’s been 3 times in the space of 2 days that I’m losing ships
That the rules of the players to look for is to change because it is of the abuse
Look in my vicitme report log and do the math if I could defend myself against a lousy and next to a station and ready to concord
that we punish jackal games while 1 year and that he refunds all the goods

hello how are you me not happy at all
either I explain myself very badly or you do not understand anything!
I am not talking about a server bug!
But a player who destroyed me in front of the door of the station with around CONCORDE
Watch so please and watch!
There are not enough rules against bad players and look for who is abusing
the EVE regulation
For a very long time we ask that it is a specific rule on these players who do not repsect your rules!
A distance of respect or an emitted signal is requested which prevents a sudden attack
We have no time to react against these players who abuse in the space of 1 second of past deadly neutral
When a bad player and search goes from neutral to mortal there must be a delay of 1 to 2 minutes before a deadly shot

Climb you up against the low EVE!

What you say:
There is nothing that directly prevents the characters from shooting themselves anywhere and at any time.
What you say:
Suicidal ganks who often engage in suicides will ultimately be unable to function effectively in a high security space due to a poor state of security

My answer:
In fact the ganks are all right to destroy and be destroyed by CONCORDE because of a bad state of security to protect others! (“I’m crying!”) They have plenty of ISK and nothing to lose!

EVE is asked for security when exiting a station (eg a radius of action of X kilometers where the ganks can not fire at the ships coming in or out of a station)
How can you defend yourself at the end or start of a WARP?
Give me the answer?

I know very well that it can not be done!

Do you know why so many players are leaving EVE
Because of the wacky rules of EVE that are too easy for ganks
Yet EVE is a game that deserves an OSCAR

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EVE has had suicide ganks in high sec for the past 15 years, and the game is still going. It’s a PvP game, you should have known that going in. Concord isn’t there to make sure you are 100% safe, they are there to destroy your attackers, not prevent you from being attacked in the first place.

Having said that, I see that you have a negative security status, and that your most recent loss was in low sec, where Concord does NOT operate…

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I know it very well !
but what I mean when we arrive or when we leave a station we should have a security of an X kilometers radius so that the gankers attack at the departure or the arrival to the station
I say that the attack is too close to the station
The succinct gank should not be done at this time

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That’s why you make instant dock/undock bookmarks. You have an invulnerability timer upon undocking as long as you don’t move or issue any commands. Make sure your first command is to warp to your instant undock bookmark…

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This is Dryson.
I have no doubt about it.


It’s all working as intended. It’s not anyone breaking any rules, it’s you being clueless and making a lot of wrong assumptions about how things work and what those rules are or should be…

Sorry, but your post is unreadable and I can’t be bothered to give you a more specific reply. Others seem to have tried, kudos to them, somehow I have the feeling you still won’t get it, but we’ll see…

EDIT: You did not even post in an appropriate forum, your post has nothing to do with CSM - Assembly Hall… Ah, wait, maybe you think it does because you want to bring this to the attention of CSM… LOL

ROFLMAO :rofl:

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