Eve and RL heart issues

(Themanfromdalmontee) #22

If you can’t cope with stress maybe just sitting in a darkened room mediating is what you need to do rather than forum warrioring.

(Salvos Rhoska) #23

Anger raises your blood pressure and exacerbates heart conditions due to release of cortisone and other related sympathetic nervous system reactions to stress.

Yes. Your issues are stress related, and not EVE related.

You seem to be a person prone to anger judging from the above post.

(Ima Wreckyou) #24

Apparently, so should the forums… hmmm

(Aaron) #25

I’ve been looking into holistic healing quite a bit.

Due to the nature of Eve it can involve sitting for long periods of time which is bad for our blood circulation and pressure. Just like in Eve there is a counter to this, get yourself an exercise bike and go on it for 10/15 minutes a day on a medium setting. you can also do a few stretches like standing and touching your toes and holding for a few minutes, or going down as far as you comfortably can in a splitz position and holding for a few minutes.

Mineral water is also very good, try to find a good brand as the minerals in spring water help to regulate blood pressure.

The feeling of stress is a debatable topic, if I feel stress then it is about how i react to a situation and how it affects me. Stress can be a symptom of low serotonin. It is serotonin that regulates our moods and protects our nervous systems so we have better control over ourselves in stressful situations.

OK, so our bodies create serotonin through eating amino acids and through exercise, A good and natural way to boost serotonin is either chamomile or Valerian Tea at the end of each day when youre winding down. They are both a natural source of serotonin. Do some research on these beautiful flowers and consult your doctor if youre unsure of any natural herb. always read labels.

Valerian and Chamomile teas have helped me to keep calm I drank 1 cup daily for 3 months and I feel really good, less stress, positive attitude, I can’t feel my heart beating in times of stress anymore…I just handle it and remain calm.

Also have a look at NATURAL 100% active ingredient Multivitamin and mineral supplements, I get some from a brand called Viridian at £8.00.

Good luck.

(Black Pedro) #26

Most hospitals have already banned Eve Online from being played by patients in the psychiatric ward after complaints about their psychopaths and sociopaths, and now it’s going to be banned on the heart floor as well?

(Salvos Rhoska) #27

Yeah and the prisons too.
No more EVE for all the serial murderers.

(Aergri Evingod) #28

instead of banning they could use it to predict behaviours of society.

(Erik Doshu) #29

Eve as a Precog ? Ha.

(Patti 'Potato' Patrouette) #30

Facial expressions as well as context give meaning to utterances.

So literally a smile on his face, or the use of an emoji, COULD have made it non-aggressive

Though that would depend upon the sincerity of the smile, and attendant gestures,

and the CONTEXT, which for you @Mayhaw_Morgan would, and should, include his response

to which you replied

which seemed rather passive aggressive to me

(zluq zabaa) #31

He was obviously speaking about heart problems, which indicated he had them himself. You trying “to trigger” him, as you admit yourself, should in all fairness get you a ban, because you wrote what you wrote with intent to cause physical harm in real life.

@OP: if anyone has any condition, which endangers their health, when they experience high levels of stress, they should realistically stay away from EVE and games like it. CCP explicitely states that they encourage in-game behaviour that would lead to lawsuits, prison sentences or a prolonged visit to the hospital in real life. Attacking ships without asking first, is a common and normal part of the game, as is scamming, economical warfare and gaining personal trust with the intent of betrayal. There is no risk-free way to play EVE, so if you have to avoid stress by all means, don’t play the game.

Furthermore, CCP’s slogan “harden the ■■■■ up” is also commonly understood as an invitation for all kinds of generally unfriendly behaviour. More specifically it means that EVE is home to a considerable (or at least very loud and present) number of people, who for some reason, can only feel good about themselves, if they know they’ve hurt someone elses feelings or belief in humanity. It is called “tear harvesting” and is also encouraged by CCP. Basically it means the actions of such a player are motivated not by proving themselves to be good at something, but by the hope to cause a feeling of sadness or distress for the other. The methods to achieve this are manifold, basically every way you could imagine in real life plus the advanced options alts and multiple accounts offer. So if you can take the in-game stress like the risk to lose your ship, but you can’t cope with or manage to ignore trolling, you should also not play the game. While there are rules against trolling and rules against real life threats, there is no rule against intentionally invoking emotional distress (as far as I know) unless the way it is done is against the law. To be fair, the borderline between provoking in order to get a fight and provoking purely to make someone have a bad day, is pretty thin. The latter is called griefing and while it is against the EULA, there is no universal definition of it. Many things that are allowed in EVE are considered griefing in other games. As a general rule of thumb: if another players main motivation is to cause you having a bad game experience, but they still do something practical in-game to get you into a conversation to “harvest your tears”, CCP will not stop them unless in extreme cases.

Theoretically even racism and such is against the EULA, but if CCP enforced that, they would have to ban too many people and they would lose money. Just search in-game player/corp names containing “Holocaust”, “Adolf”, “Hitler”, “Rape”, “■■■” etc… you get the idea. To be fair, CCP has to abide the law and doing so perfectly is near impossible in an MMO. For many players it means that they come with the expectation to find challenging mechanics, just to find that sometimes the bigger challenge is to play your own game - and not that of anyone else, which includes not taking the role of the victim for griefers. CCP does the best they can to keep this madhouse running and until some market analytics tell them it is really a neccesssity for player retention or reaching new customer groups, to do more about certain kind of griefing, trolling or hatespeech, they won’t change current policy application, both due to lack of ressources and the difficulty to draw a line.

Also, for any other in-game situation. It’s a game of a different kind. Try not to win it or you will lose. The virtual stuff you gain or lose in this game means nothing, but really absolutely nothing. Adapt to the game mechanics, but never adapt to other peoples mindset or goals. Define your own. Only do what is fun and if you don’t find any fun, take a break and come back later.

Hope you get better.


(Ramona McCandless) #32

OP is complete lies. The last thing anyone would do on discovering they were having heart attacks would be to sign into a game forum to tell everyone.

OP needs sanctioned.

Or sectioned.

(yellow parasol) #33

I saw the title, read the first post and… the thread went exactly as i thought.

Hilarious! :grin:

I agree though, someone with heart issues might run into situations that could potentially harm him.

(Keno Skir) #34

OP could very well have a heart weakness of some variety. EvE often gives me crazy heart thumping during moments of high tension, that’s one of the things I love about EvE. OP if you are still feeling heart palps more than 10-20 minutes later it’s potentially a sign of something more serious than stress and you should see a doctor (assuming you haven;t already and know what’s occuring).

Hope it sorts itself out.

I don’t think the game needs a warning though.

(Mortlake) #35

Agreed. I get this too and I can confirm that I know a player who no longer PVPs because he has heart issues.

It’s all about self moderation. If I had a dicky ticker I would be cautious too, knowing how excited I get.

(Mister McQueen) #36

What a load of crap.

I have had hypertrophic cardiomyopathy for the past 12 years and I’m perfectly capable of playing EVE without any ill effects. I’m already not allowed on rollercoasters or allowed to go skydiving due to insurance issues and adding EVE to that list is just a kick in the nuts.

I imagine it’s the stress of loss that causes your heart condition to give you issues so it’s likely how you view the game that is the problem. Don’t lose your ■■■■ over in game stuff.

Don’t use ‘heart condition’ as an excuse for your issues with the game, OP. Instead try not getting stressed out over space pixels.

(Ganellon Devians) #37

I think i can understand what the OP wants to say, EvE can be pretty “real” comparing to other games but this exactly what i love about EvE! (like Keno said) :slight_smile:

(Mark O'Helm) #38

Tl,dr too much overanalysing.

(Mark O'Helm) #39

True or troll?

(Shiloh Templeton) #40

OP: Eve has gotten my heart beating so strongly a time or two that I’ve also wondered if I had something to worry about.

But there are plenty of chill activities in Eve, so no need to write off the game if you enjoy it.

(Erik Doshu) #41

Hey, I just can’t take it. Sorry Im not hard enough for your stupid game ?

Every engagement I’ve had ingame I just lost my ■■■■, heart palps and all and some serious chest pains for a few hours later. People ingame deliberately seek and go out of their way to provoke situations for that kind of nervousness in new players, and to me I find that pretty redudant for what I consider to be a video game and community.

This game is more than that I found, it’s a RL park for sociopaths and the like to roam freely doing what they would fantasize on the liberty of doing irl, but without the harsh repercussions, and for them to feel “hard” and somekind of deeply frustrated and scarred sense of pride over smashing a helpless target online.

So it’s safe to say I wont be touching this game, at all, already uninstalled it. Physical and mental health come first.

Thank you for your inputs though, it was much appreciated.