Miner's death in EVE - real life health problem point of view

Hi all,

Small presentation: Liquid Silver char think im playing with up and down from 2007 and restarted one month ago after 2 years pause.

My personal EVE online is what i like to do: mining in belt.

Deal with it people… some people just really like mining and the fact that you think it sucks and is boring is not making it boring for all the others. Real life example: you prefer tomatoes to potatoes ? someone is the opposite.

After restarting in my retriever i think (or a covetor dont remember) i was jump ganked by some that i call super rats (something with danavik in the name).

Not a big deal: fit the battleship --> warp 100 km --> nuke them and back.

15 minutes later they came back --> did the same

40 minutes later again… so 3 times in one hour without counting the small serpentis always popping up.

I am mining in 0.8 but this “problem” seems to happen in all highsec from what i understood.

Now my real life issue:
I cant drink coffee, tea, cola, cant have strong emotion thing happening otherwise my heart start beating in a very bad way and i have to lay down on my bed for hours cause of the stress.

Of course FPS game are out for me and PVP cause of the hype that generate in me:
basically im way more sensible to hype than most of the “normal” people.

That said this permanent gank on belt was very annoying and stressfull and the third time that that happened i had to quit.

Basically ice belt mining is the only thing i manage to do now cause there are millions of people with drones that nuke everything but i really dont like it.

I perfectly understand and i am guessing that CCP want to kill the miners and (just guessing) in the future remove them --> put ship in cargo loot because no one will mine anymore and be able to craft something —> so you buy plex for isk —> so you buy expensive ship that has became even more expensive from the only one that keeps hardcore mining
but in this case you are killing the game for a lot of people that just have fun mining.

I am totally agree to kill people with bot, auto miners etc… but i am feeling personally that the solution (if that is the problem and not what i am supposing above) is wrong.

Also with what i read from the next patch basically reducing resistance will make open season on miners.

So after this month finish me and my friends (we are a group of 7) will no longer renovate our account sub until things get better eventually. They dont have the same health problem but the same “want to have a relaxed game” issue.

I am not saying PVP is wrong - MINING is better. Everybody is free to do whatever they like and this is what i love in EVE. BUT from my personal point of view there start to be more and more and MORE restrinctions on mining that is killing it.

Have fun and fly safe all.

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Many have brought up a good point about this, namely that most people who are mining are doing something else while mining, meaning that they do not enjoy mining per se, but enjoy that the game mines mostly by itself while the player can follow other activities.

I’m sorry you’re suffering from such a condition, but I don’t understand how that’s relevant for the rest of the world who don’t share that fate. What is the point you are trying to make? That games should be how you require them to be, without any consideration for anyone else? Are there not enough games for you to play that would provide you with a more suitable experience?

EVE is not the game you want to play.

Same to you.


The Triglavian patrols are one of the best things that CCP has ever added to EVE. They help cut down on AFK’ers and botters…


Maybe don’t play a PvP game if that is an issue? You could have been killed by another player at any time, didn’t you realize that? Highsec is not a PvP free zone, EVE has no such thing.


I know that feel you get when you warp in and see many fresh rocks all waiting for you, that is when ya go all giddy knowing our the only one out on that belt. It is all mine those over there are all mine too…

I get that way a lot and I don’t think many know how it feels with the mining and why we like it so much.


I didn’t read the full thread as I thought it would be a long winded pvp gank story.

Stay true to what you believe in there Miner.

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Sounds like you know how to handle the belt Rats, Trig Patrols and the odd ganker.

I’m guessing you’re in a corp with your m8’s. Might be a case a looking a moving to new grounds or finding another corp that might offer better belts with a bit more protection.

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Miners get protection if they follow rules.

Mine in anomalies, or run mining missions. There are no trigs or diamond rats in those.

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If you’d like to mine the old way, you’ll have to mine ore anomalies now. Open the Agency ( Alt - M is default), and go to the Resource Harvesting tab. It’ll require more travel time as you will need to jump between systems to get there, but if you are fleet mining as it sounds, it won’t be too much of an issue. Trigs don’t come into the anomalies. I’m not sure if that’ll change anytime.


That’s just cruel telling someone to impale themselves on their own sword! :smirk:


maybe eve being known to be a brutal and cruel game is not the most indicated to people in your condition
im no psychologist or md and i cant in any way access in a ethical or scientific way your condition and what you should do about your problem
i sugest games like slay the spire ( i have 300+ ours in this game, is very cerebral , skill based , and single player) , zachtronics games , minecraft , kerbal space program , all great games that you probably can enjoy in peace and in the minecraft case you can do with your friends , heartstone released a new mode called battlegrounds and is pretty good to
i hope you find a new game that give you peace to enjoy and don’t make your condition worst , best regards dude , stay safe , o7

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Wow, he was I was thinking you were just an asshole troll in my thread, and it turns out you’re one of the Toxic as ■■■■ people i’m talking about.


How could you not want to spend time out on the ice?

So relaxing.


Your freedom of speech ends where you demand the freedom of speech of others, who have no actual negative impact on anyone, to be limited. Your feelings are within your responsibility. Yours and yours alone.

Therefore you may kindly shut the ■■■■ up you sad excuse of a human being and learn to respect what we all have, instead of demanding it’s being taken away from those you immature imbecile can’t handle.

There are hisec (and probably lowsec) systems that do not spawn Emerging Conduits. Those systems will not have triglavian scouts (the damaviks you refer to). It’s not easy to find those systems, especially with the respawn timer for conduits now at 10 minutes in the same system. Hint: if you don’t see triglavian ship wrecks anywhere in system on dscan, you might be lucky.

Plus the suggestions from other posters, ore anoms etc

They need to improve on HS trigs: let them warp to ore/ice anoms and FEAST!

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wen i mine i mine ice , i think is the best to
duno why but it is lol

CODE. is pretty good about that already :joy:

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