Eve Anywhere for Alphas?

During the Fanfest it was announced that Eve Anywhere will open up to Alphas in the future. But either no date was given or I missed something, as I think sometime ago I read somewhere in a twitch chat or on Reddit that 16.05. - today - was the date. Still getting the “upgrade to omega” message, though.

So, when is Eve Anywhere supposed to become accessible to Alphas?

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Hey, I just want EVE Everywhere to be available in Canada!

I think all wants this new technology, because it’s very easy have to access to edem

From what I had seen on the mining barges it sort of looks like vacuuming the dirt from the bottom of the pool.

Eve Anywhere*

*Not actually available anywhere at all… Just another useless development tool that is not needed and or wanted that cost money and dev time to implement.

Take ur ■■■■ Anywhere product and go fix rats on gates.

You can play eve anywhere already. Just use the fricken launcher

This feature is a theme of “keeping up with the {insert latest fad}”, in this case, streaming gaming.

Eve is struggling to remain relevant or retain attention. To be expected from a 2 decade old game that’s in natural decline since 2013.

Peak Eve is over long ago, you expect a re-peak?

Diversification of their product portfolio is necessary for existential survival of a company. Having all revenue streams coming from one product is a case of having ones eggs in one basket.

This is why companies buy other companies. More revenue streams. This is why Pearl Abyss bought CCP.

Hold on their I would absolutely use this almost every single day. Please hurry up with the development.