Eve Changes, Part 1: High Sec Validation and Review of recent changes

Making people lose ships more, instead, means making it not worth. More risk and less rewards means less people doing the activity.

Just no, that’s just completely wrong. I’ve always been doing things on my own, where there was no guide. Even now, I found several activities that don’t have a guide. In HS. And I am learning to minmax them.

Just because you found some activities with a guide, does not mean there is no activity that people do, better than this one, but just you did not find a guide - because there is none, because it literally takes years to do a guide.

First off, you dont dictate that. Dont speak like you do, not even hellmar has the power to dictate that position and its full of ignorance and arrogance.

You know what if seen?

The same thing that is been advocated for years and years on end, and is it helping? Nope. So why should keep up expecting a new result? (literally the text book definition of insanity).

This is an mmo. No one should be forced to stay in a “starter constellation” and no one will stay there indefinitely. If you have such serious self-esteem issues to have to sit on a game and bully, scam, and abuse others, you may want to go get some sunshine.

Yep, I dont care. I have been saying it for a long time, and i will keep saying it. The way eve is being taken is the same way its always been and it will never help the game, and eventually people will see through ccp’s nonsense of faking online-player count. It becomes more and more clear every day as time passes and the game feels/gets more empty.

I’ll be here to tell you at the end “i told you so” God willing.

(btw, iv done that with a few games already just for the record. This is nothing new to me, iv gotten so good at predicting game death that i am doing it years in advance now).

Facts that are not established are BS, therefore your claims are BS.

No matter what anyone thinks about criminal actions, be they the vile carebear, the sociopathic griefer, or anyone in between, one fact remains:

Criminal activity in high-sec accounts for one of the primary sources of destruction on which the EVE economy relies.

Admittedly this was a while ago, but the last time I analyzed this with a Griefwatch data sample, high-sec accounted for just about half (a sliver less) of the game’s destruction, and criminal activity accounted for over half of that. With the proliferation of supercapitals, other areas of space might account for slightly more destruction today than they did in the past, however, attributing anywhere from 15-25% of all destruction specifically to criminal activity isn’t a minor consideration.

Unless you can present a plan that makes up for the lack of destruction elsewhere and/or in other ways, this proposal isn’t one that the game would survive even before we get to the debate of whether or not the carebears need to be thrown another bone.


That’s a good point. I always assumed that HS ganking would not be translated to other destruction, but maybe that is wrong too. The truth is that people would surely not go to NS if they were totally safe in HS, and people in NS could consider actually coming to HS ; but maybe then the excess in retained resources would make more production go to dangerous spaces . Dunno.

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Transaltion: make HS risk free. Anyone who says otherwise is a coward.

Also, you do realize that fear has nothing to do with why some people PvP in HS. HS offers plenty of stations to dock, repair, reship, and store loot. Markets are usually only a handful of jumps away. You have very little travel time. There is a metric butt ton of activity. You’re less likely to get blobbed by 80 cormorants, don’t have to worry about hotdrops and gatecamps.

And, of course, it’s filled with bad decision makers who would rather advocate for permanent green safeties, than try figure out how to stop being soft targets.


Noori, welcome back from your EVE break! Are you planning to leave us again for a year any time soon?

Why not?

This is the third terrible thread that you made in the past 6 hours and I’m already longing to a time before 6 hours ago.


Oh, and I like your threads btw. I mean, I usually don’t agree with you, but I do enjoy reading the responses.


I stopped reading here, once you introduce 100% safe income, ISK and time become valueless.


I Actually think that highsec should be more dangerous, but in a more controlled way, and i think the control should be done through war-decs.

I also think that FW should be present in high sec, and i would look at ways to baiting people into flagging, when they done have the intention to do plexs. For example, flag faction war to do mining for some bonus etc.

Just a few ways that we could increase the risk/reward in high sec but in ways that are healthy.

@Noori_Naarian Aren’t you the guy who claimed to be a developer for another game company and was banned?

I am a game developer (actually I do a lot of systems design), and no, I was not banned. Not sure where you got that.

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