[eve-check.space] Update: Moon scan parser

Hello everyone!
Glad to present to you new app - Moon scan parser!
With new parser app you can easily convert this:

into this readable view:
and then export to GoogleSheets with look like that:
If you export several space systems data, for each of them will be created separate tab in one sheet file.

After export you can store, combine, filter and share your data with all power of GoogleSheets!
Hope you like it!

P.s: by default it has built-in data example, just to try its functionality.


Yes, I am working on something like that.

To simplify the data extraction from the EVE Online 3rd party systems interface program(s), so to integrate it as input for processing and display.

The best thing for me to do so far is to design systems to process the EVE Online 3rd party systems data (the raw server data) into processed output, which can then be further processed into still more meaningful output, depending on the case, on a case by case basis, as well as to make it possible to process the data before it is output, differently, which ever way is required.

Of course, coding volume would increase, and the published or compiled code and output will have to keep within certain standard limits, as for the data pulls limitations.

(Data pulls limitations = rate of data transfer with all its parameters and related information systems data.)

I would however link those design outside of the forums, since my work is already attacked for 25 years 100% of the time, and it won’t be possible for anyone to change that anymore.

I will also start a Patreon or 2 once I figure out a few electronic data transfer systems requirement which I will need to insure that I have enough resources to operate the external site, with due authorization, and maintain the site if necessary or appropriate.

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