Moon Ores Database

First look at my new Moon Ores Database is up for review

I will be updating with more full system moon scans as time goes on. First big goal is to log all of HiSec 0.5 systems.

Currently 2 views are available, a list with search and a moon view with ores / material list. If anyone has suggestions or additions / changes please let me know. Site may have bugs - if you run into any plz let me know!


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I would really not put every ore entry into a separate table row. Put all ore results for a moon in one row instead, that makes it a lot easier to read the table. Instead of 5 rows for Balle V - Moon 5, you have only 1 row with 5 text lines in the ore column.

Multiple rows makes manipulation easier. Like if you want to bring in price data. Also search.

Nothing prevents using sub cells in a single row.

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