Eve Clones Jump Clones

Having an issue when it comes to getting the information was hoping someone could point me in the right direction.

While programing a site for I came accross an issue when it comes to the locations of jump clones.
If your jump clone is in a structure in which you have no rights to any longer it comes up with forbidden when you call the function. But if thats the case, where does the information come from when in-game you see under jump clones it says located in SYSTEM/STATION. Thats the information i am trying to pull to site, but have no idea how there getting that because i do not have the rights to station to pull the name and what not.

Im not a great programmer but have worked through a lot of things till i got to this point.

I am assuming I will have the same issue when i get to assets list when i dont have access to teh station. I get the location id, but then can do nothing with it because I dont have access. Anyone knwo how they are getting the information for strucutres you dont have access to?

You can’t via ESI. Would have to do it manually or get access in order to acces it via ESI.

Thank you for the quick response, Im learning php and parsing while designing the webpage, so it makes me feel a bit better my failure is becuase of somehting i cant achieve :wink: keeps me going :slight_smile:

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