EVE echoes... What do you mean free to download?

i just noticed another really big difference.

Eve Echoes has more and other lanes between the systems.
I just went to Algasienan. This system has normaly on links to Archavoinet, Osmallanais and Vivanier (and is a high sec pocket).
But in EVE Echoes there is also a link to Shaggith, in Kador. This is FAR away from Placid.

I have no idea how many more of these extra links are there. But this alone was a big surprisse.

it’s a chinese app, design to be just a quick cash grab for whales,

Whot did you expect

Also, i wouldn’t be surprise if it take your private information

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Like google, faecesbook and many others that people use everyday?

I’m shocked, shocked I tell you.


Yeah i know :confused:

Damm, even my toilete take info :frowning:

basically it’s a worst version of current eve online.
dude… heard of laptop?
on the go?
dude… heard of netbook?

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Sol? You look different today.

I would say EVE Echoes has some nice and better ideas (especially for the mobile).
Sadly the worse ideas, implementation and differeences are predominating (by a lot).

In Echoes, you have to be Omega, or you cannot compete (in the long run). The differences are just too big.

As Black Pedro explained, EVE Echoes uses a monetization model similar to EVEonline, to give you the exact model; yes, you can play for free, just as you can in EVEonline, but with severe limitations (you can only train the basic rank (ranks being: Basic, Advanced and Expert) of all skills. You can have multiple accounts but only 1 per linked socal media (Facebook, Google Play, Twitter) and 1 guest account (data cannot be accessed from any other device than the one it’s created on)
The monetization model:

Alpha is the basic free to play, “basic package” if you will, that all players start as when they first start the game

3 Stages of Omega:

  1. Basic Omega - Costs $5 per month or 170 PLEX.
  2. Standard Omega - Costs $12.99 per month or 430 PLEX
  3. Duo Omega (Basic + Standard) - Costs $14.99 per month or 500 PLEX

Source can be found here

Skill point rates:
Alpha is 30 SP/min - 50% rate as free SP when no skill is being trained
Basic Omega is 30 + 5 SP/min - 60% rate as free SP when not skill is being trained.
Standard Omega is 30 + 25 SP/min - 90% rate as free SP when not skill is being trained.
Duo Omega is 30 + 30 SP/min - 100% rate as free SP when not skill is being trained.

Good luck with playing Eve on a netbook, most of them have a screen resolution that isn’t supported by Eve and the other hardware is similarly lacking.

3 stages of greed. :grin:

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It’s easy enough to grind enough ISK for a basic omega subscription to unlock everything, the current going rate of PLEX is about 30k ISK, which totals to just over 5 million ISK. There are a few things I find much more fair in Echoes and I would welcome in EVEonline but that would likely become a TL:DR post :wink:

Oh, no. Now you have to tell us.

Thanks, but I realized I dont have 2 lives to grind in both, essentially teh same games only on different platform. Actually on PC it became completely ridiculous.
Maybe some new guys would try Echoes tho.

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Different platform, different audience; about the only things it’s got in common with Eve are the artwork and names of stuff.

edit : for brevity
if i was younger i would play
looks noice
i dont play big games on mobile


Mobile games?
No thank you.


Oh they have their place, and let’s face it there is a demographic that is fascinated by Eve because of what is possible, and what happens; but would never play it for precisely those reasons.

Giving them another route to play a toned down Eve on a more casual and ubiquitous platform will at be at worst another failure to address a potential market, and it won’t be CCP’s failure for a change.

At best it gets more people interested in the IP and possibly playing Eve proper, but if that’s to happen CCP need to sort out their marketing, as trailers go the old school stuff is far more honest.

Personally Scrabble, Mahjong and Tetris is as far as it goes.

You can continue the discussion on the official Discord server; I’ll be closing this thread as it’s not related to EVEonline. Anyway the question that OP asked were answered.