Eve features using local random source carries risk of exploitation?

Eve features using local random source carries risk of exploitation?

Features such as…

Abyssal module rolling with mutaplasmids
Filament system selection

If they are using a local entropy source for a random call to pseudo-randomly select the outcome, all the counterparty (player) would have to do perhaps is to suck/reduce the entropy out of the local source and thus get closer to a certainty in the outcome.

This would translate to jackpotting abyssal rolling to be high green, or a certainty on the outcome of a favourable system to filament to.

Isn’t this a risk?

If so, the only counter to this is to sample the outcomes over time and space to check for suspect manipulated outcome showing biased distributions or do a random test prior either at client startup or prior to the random call to check it is unbiased.

Sure a local source would be open to manipulation. Who says they are using a local source and not generating the random numbers on their server?

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Possibly they are for simplicity and reduced traffic loading overhead?.

Hypernet winner outcome selection since it involves multiple participants and with a time constraint on selection even when the participants are offline, would likely be server side, however abyssal rolling with mutaplasmids are one participant local outcomes.

Filaments could involve multiple participants but it is the filament owner who controls the jump.

But in this case for something like item generation security would take precedence over network traffic. In fact if the game is designed right the traffic could be no higher if the item is generated on the server and presented to the client. The server has to have the item anyway so other players can interact with it.

While devs can do stupid things I would think in the case of a game as old as Eve this has long been solved. (One would hope)

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