Eve Fitting Simulator - Early Feedback

I am working on out of game fitting tool, since the dawn of EFT I didn’t find some reliable or nice replacements

Some feedback would we welcomed, please reply in short with:
a) which fitting tool are you using at the moment?
b) what is it that you really like in that fitting tool?
c) what is it that you really don’t like in that fitting tool?

Since I am still in earlier development stage, I would appreciate feedback to better know in which direction to go, thank you!

PS: here is what I have at this point: https://quantum-anomaly.herokuapp.com/eve-fitting-simulator/17738/


ATM I am using the ingame tool, but I am desperately searching for a successor to OSMIUM.

referring to OSMIUM:

  • working with abbreviations: “DC2” got me the damage Control II, “EANM” got me all Energized Adaptive Nano Membranes… was really fast to set up a fit
  • it was browser based, so I could do some theorycrafting at work, where I can’t install any software
  • it was able to include implants, drugs and boosters
  • charges were to be choosen via the module
  • it included a fine module comparison tool


  • OSMIUM didn’t work with my personal or planned skills. There were only all Skills level 0 or all Skills V.

Anyways, good luck with your project!

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a) The in-game tool, but used to like o.smium.org a lot :slight_smile:
b) It allows me to know how much damage, mining I can do
c) I have to self-calculate defense for damage types. It also covers my screen while i play :frowning:

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