EVE Fitting: The VERY Basics (newbie friendly)

In this first episode in what may be a rather long series on ship fitting, we take a good long look at the Fitting Window and explain exactly what everything means and how it all works! (because the new player experience can’t be bothered)

00:00 Intro
01:09 The Fitting Window
01:48 Simulation Mode
03:17 Power Grid and CPU
04:24 Module Slots
05:25 What goes in which slot?
06:13 Rigs and Calibration
07:23 Turret and Launcher hardpoints
08:55 Shield or Armour?
11:22 The stats!
11:41 Capacitor
13:42 Offense
14:47 Defence
15:43 Targeting
16:42 Navigation
18:16 Drones
19:09 Estimated Price
20:09 Saving a fit
20:51 Outro


Videos like these should be accessible through the Agency’s Academy tab as well. This is exactly the kind of deep-dive information that new players should watch to learn the ropes while they wait for skills to complete or travel to the next destination in the SOE epic arc.

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