Helping new players: fitting guide tab in The Agency

The Agency is a great tool for new (and not only) players to find content, but there is no in game guide to one of the most basic aspects of Eve: fitting your ship.

In this separate tab you would see ship’s atributes explained in a simple way and if you hover over atributes it will show what types of modules affect those atributes.
Example: sig radius: if its smaller it’s harder to hit you+ bigger missiles deal less damage to you.
hp: you have 3 hp bars Shield, armor, stucture, shield regenerates passively. Regen is deppendent from your current hp (grapf: hp regen / %max hp).
CPU and power grid are nessessary for fitting your modules, all modules use those.

And a compare button, big “COMPARE”, so you can’t miss it, with description: “here: that’s your new best friend, use it to figure out what is the best module for your fit out of tens of variations, just drag and drop”

next: few buttons for new tabs:
and inside pros and cons to diffrent variations:
turrets: sometimes they hit based on range and tracking
missiles: they will almost always hit, but deal less dmg to smaller ships
drones: they will follow your commands within “drone control range” they can be shot down

when you click those you go deeper:
projectile: +can swich dmg types by changing ammo -most of their range comes from falloff
hybrid: +can trade dps for range by changing ammo -they’re locked to kinetic/termal dmg
lasers: +they dont use ammo +they can trade range for dps by changing crystals very fast - they’re locked to EM/termal dmg

If you do even deeper you will not only see another separation (example: hybrid: blasters/railguns), but also a table or some graph showing types of ammo in comparison


This won’t confuse newbies! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

if u think about it, entire eve is confusing for new players, the goal is to guide them through this confusing world

Great goal, but I don’t see how that chart solves it.

Especially when you can drag each ammo type onto your ship in simulation and see exactly what it does.

But your idea isn’t guiding them at all. It’s just saying “this is what X does”, which won’t help. They’ll still be confused about when to use what module, or what the benefits vs drawbacks are, or even what situations to use what.

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fixed it for you.

i think you missunderstood me. i want to show connections between modules. not only what does what but also show connections between modules. for example in “missiles” you wont just have all the stuff that shoots missiles but types of missile launchers sorted by ship sizes +types of modules that benefit missiles like target painters. this is what i consider a guide. a well organized book of types of modules

charts and specific stuff would be at the very bottom.

if you would for example go to tank u would see types of tank


and inside those passive, active and what types of modules to use to make them and their pros and cons.
i think i’ll rewrite this post later

How does this help “show a connection” ?

Will newbros see a Target Painter and immediately understand:

“Oh, this is a thing that’ll help Missiles do more damage, not because it increases DPS, but because it increases the target’s signature radius by a percentage, which means that Missiles will apply more of their total damage as EVE Online’s Missile mechanics are based around 2 primary factors of Explosion Radius and Explosion Velocity which are compared against the target ship’s Signature Radius and ship’s Velocity at time of impact. I will also immediately understand that this module is something that I should not be using as a Solo pilot and is better suited to a Small gang / Large Fleet fight because the benefit that it provides to other members of my fleet is greater than the application bonuses that only a single ship will gain, and that if I wanted to use a module that increased application in a Solo pilot scenario, I should use the Missile Guidance Computers at long range or a Stasis Webifier at close range.”

No, you just want a fancier layout of the market which just lists everything.

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